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Obama's Backers (You'd Never Guess!)

“In particular, McPeak was the mastermind of the cowardly and infamous “bomb now, die later” strategy which targeted civilian drinking water and sewage treatment facilities, plus civilian transport infrastrcuture and irrigation systyems needed for farming. This was a strategy of deliberate genocide which resulted in hundreds of thousands of delayed action deaths caused by polluted water and concentrated among old people, infants, and the sick. McPeak thus provided an important contribution to the harvest of hatred against the United States, which is about to result in the 4,000th death among the occupying forces. McPeak helped to prepare the current Iraq debacle more than a decade in advance.”

So who else is backing Obama?

“Just over the past few days we have seen the following: Zbigniew Brzezinski (Pol Pot supporter who created the 1979 Afghan-Soviet and 1980 Iran-Iraq wars), Jay Rockefeller (Bush’s man on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and son of genocidalist John D. Rockefeller III), Joseph Nye (Trilateral-Bilderberger theoretician of imperialist “soft power”), and now “Bomb Now, Die Later” McPeak. Is this what a future Obama confrontation cabinet would look like? McPeak, for his part, looks like Death Warmed Over.”


Change…let’s change…everybody, let’s change…


Yep. It’s a sad state of affairs when the candidate supposedly standing for change surrounds himself with the scum of the establishment. Although, to his credit, the man opposed the war on Iraq in a time where everybody and his sister were caught in a patriotic fever. That alone makes him an outstanding individual in the eyes of many (not that it should).

When all is said and done, Obama remains the most unlikely to engage the US in another campaign of violence unless absolutely necessary. Between Mrs. “fscking up Iraq was the right thing to do” and Mr. “bomb Iran”, he does come off as a nice fellow.

I heard he is secretely a jew.

[quote]Zap Branigan wrote:
I heard he is secretely a jew.[/quote]

Isn’t it all there in the Protocols? (j/k)

Off topic: I’ve read some of the Protocols and some of it doesn’t look like its addressed to Jews at all. I’m mean, for ex, what Jew doesn’t know that Saturday is the Sabbath? There are several of these and its perplexing.

Zbiggy: Hillary is a housewife. Obama is JFK. About halfway in… LOL!


It’s also been rumored that Kim Jong Ill fell down the palace steps two days ago. Witnesses who were present - and managed to avoid execution - say that the noise it made sounded exactly like “Barack barack barack baraaaack!”

Pretty much all of the remaining top three cnadidates have shady people/entities backing them. What’s new? It’s all part of the two party dog and pony show. What’s funny is that some douche monkey (not calling the OP one) that supports McCain, Clinton or Obama will hop all over something like this but then turn a cheek when presented with similiar information on their candidate.