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Obama's Aunt



Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

It looks like BO's aunt has been living illegally in the US for the last 4 years in public housing (while having a standing deportation order!) AND contributing to his campaign. Of course, he was unaware of it.


I like it when we hold people responsible for the actions of all of their relatives. For example, my alcoholic uncle is entirely my responsibility... I am a bad, bad man.



Why shouldn't we? After all, politicians would hold us responsible for them (see welfare/entitlements).


You can make shit up to support ideological viewpoints or you can try to assess the reality of the situation -- take your pick.


Oh damn, I had just made a topic about this. I don't think it actually went through though, sorry for doubling up if it did.

On topic though, I do think that this is of some importance. Vroom- your uncle may be an alcoholic, but he is still your uncle. I would hope that you would notify him if he was doing something quite illegal. Like living in a country and living illegally under a housing plan.


I just assessed the reality. If I'm not expected to be voluntarily responsible for relatives, how the hell could anyone dare force (yes, force) me to be responsible for strangers?


Very good dude


You are not responsible for them, you just have to share your loot with them.


The isidious part of part of "revelations" like this are what's being implied; that she is a close relative that Barack was hiding and supporting; and that he and Michelle had over for Thanksgiving and Christmas (or Ramadan, for some of you) every year.

The implication is false.

She is the half sister of a father Obama saw only once, for a month, at the age of 10; and as the article stated, was part of a large extended Paternal family that Obama never knew.

And what's the problem anyway? We all know Comrade Obama loves illegal Aliens and taking your money to pay for them, right? Why NOT an aunt (whose existence just happens to be brought up this close to the election)?



If this lowlife slug manages to get himself elected it's going to be even more tragic, if that's possible, watching his bleeting sheep explain the disaster that follows.


The stupid motherfucker wants to take money from me because it's "fair" - but he can't even manage his own family.

You aren't bad, you are just an idiot.

Since when did we start letting fucking canadians vote in our elections?


If Jehovas Witnesses could do it, I'm sure democrats are capable of it, too.


Strong Words

Benjamin Franklin, On the Price of Corn and Management of the Poor, November 1766 said:


That's actually not far from the truth. Of course, McAmnesty isn't much (if at all) better.


I've never seen anything like this.

A guy who's fingerprints are all over the economic trouble we're in, has a long history of America hating alliances, says almost nothing constantly, but what little can be gleaned screams anti constitutional hard left guaranteed disaster and crowds of people chant his name.

It's sad, scary and dangerous. How far we have fallen when an utterly unqualified snake oil salesman can be in contention for our highest office. The contempt for our founders is insufferable.


I think I want him to be elected at this point. I want all of the Obamabots to get the entire Obama package.


Obama gives speeches about "being his brother's keeper" and lets his own relatives live in slums. Biden talks about a "patriotic duty" to raise taxes to help out less fortunate people, when in fact he barely gives any money to charity. Both of them are full of shit.


Since when does one "manage" ones aunts or uncles?

I don't have a problem with your views on his taxation stance, lucky you if he's actually going to tax you, but do you have to buy into the deeper bullshit.

Is the buzz phrase not PERSONAL responsibility? You vehemently stated you weren't responsible for the actions of your parents or grandparents... but aunts and uncles, that's obviously a different story.

Retarded, as usual.


I said if it wasn't for the courts I'd vote for him for that very purpose. The only problem with that is that the average functioning recall in this country is about an hour. In a few years history would already be rewritten and we'd be facing another flowery of these flowery socialist asswipes.


Oh come on, it's only fair. We've already had the pleasure of the entire Bush package -- twice.

It's not like a later Republican leader can't unravel Obama's policies if he or she chose to do so.