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Obama's Approval Rating



He is at 47%, how low can he go.


It should get into the 30's in about 5-6 months.


Your probably right about that.


That would be amazing, wasn't Bush's approval rating that low by the time he left office?


We all knew it was too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true, odds are it is. Too bad my fellow university students fell for the biggest con of the 21st century.


The interesting about Obama is that if you believe he is a part of a the elitist who run the world and works for them, he is a worse representation then John McCain would've been. The hype around this man had him being compared to MLK, meanwhile he has done nothing close to what MLK achieved and while this may seem like a good thing for them, it isn't. The problem with this is as the saying goes "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Well Obama promised to made many promises which he broke and while the sheeple that follow him will probably do so for a very long time, the people that were kind of iffy on him have awoken to his true nature. Neither one of them would have had a good approval rating in the long run, but Obama's hype will cause him to fall faster. Hopefully by 2012 the entire nation is awake so that they can vote in a legit candidate like Ron Paul.


does not suprise me. Some of my obama vot'in bud's have started calling him "OBush". They are pretty disolutioned. Honestly though, what did they expect?


Yeah it was. But not in the first year he was in office. I look at it like this, Barry's only doing more of what Bush was doing. Bush approval rating went to shit, so how is Barry gonna do MORE of what Bush was doing and get a higher approval rating? Bush's fical socialism is like a coal burning train, Barry's is like the bullet train in Tokyo.



A lot of us knew (those who voted against obama and even a few for obama) knew is what a lot of Obama's supporters are now saying http://www.slate.com/id/2223909/?GT1=38001 "We Found Out He's Not Superman". I thought that would have been more apparent with the way our government is set up, so much for lookin at the constitution I guess