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Obamanomics Victimizes President's Supporters Most


This is for those who truly believe Obama is a socialist and to those who are wanting to vote for Hillary. The Democratic party is owned by corporations and it's there bidding that they do. Their plank and their reality are 2 different things. Quit voting against your own self-economic interest.



You're a Republican now? That article is by a leading conservative from the heritage foundation. Did you read your own article? It explains why Obama's socialist policies have failed minorities.


In other news, water is wet, traffic sucks, and Zepp is a racist.


Yes, I read the article. And no i' m not a Republican and haven't been for over a decade and proud of it. What this article shows is that Obama works for the elite and has mainly pursued policies that have benefitted them not the people that mistakenly and stupidly voted for him. The same thing will continue if Hillary is voted in. In fact the same thing will continue no matter who is voted in, barring a miracle.