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ObamaCare to Cover Mexicans After All


Courtesy of Steve Sailer:


Just what we need during this period of economic downturn! I guarantee you there's 30 million here, not 12 million, also. Guess where your tax dollars are going, taxpayers - Mexico!!


Unbelievable. This has to be voted down.


Amnesty won't happen, thats republican turf.

"I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally."

The guy is a goony, but it doesn't sound like hes trying for blanket amnesty to cover now illegals, when hes making comments like that. Look who hes speaking to, hes smart enough to know that he can't walk in there and say illegals won't be covered and walk out. Hes baiting them with immigration reform, then he'll leave back to washington dc and remeber hes a whitey and nothing will happen.

Bit of editorializing to suggest hes going for amnesty. Being on the "pro" side of illegal immigration so to speak, generates a lot of democrat votes, probalby more than they lose on it. No reason to suggest they would give that up, millions of potential gop votes becuase the dem's aren't thier protectors anymore.


Yep, so maybe Joe Wilson was right. which he was.


Thank God Joe spoke up, he really put Obama and the Dems on the spot with his comment. But even the idea of amnesty in a recession where citizens are losing jobs left and right, it's unspeakable for him to even consider.


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I predicted this on Sep 9, not like it takes a genius to figure this assclown out. I'm just somewhat amazed he played it this way.



Amnesty polled 90% negative with the entire population. Everyone hated it. This will be it for the Obama presidency.

I need to take back all the stuff I said about Obama being a black racialist. It's pretty clear he's into being a mulatto elite like Julian Bond or Eric Holder, but he clearly doesn't give a damn about African Americans, let alone the rest of us.


After some thought, this is a recon by fire. Throw it out there, low key. See where opposition pops up and with what strategy. Than back off, collect the intel and plan for how to engage or mitigate it. They know the clock is ticking before the 2010 elections. They will probably lean forward on healthcare before and during Christmas to get charitable sympathy.


If healthcare is not dealt with by the end of the year, no one will come near immigration in 2010 with it being en election year. The Dems are already on the chopping block as it is.


In Europe there is a mutual agreement between countries to pick up healthcare costs for people legally in each other's countries.

If an American gets sick in the UK they can walk into a hospital and get free treatment. Don't see why that shouldn't be reciprocated.

Amnesty for so called illegals is a whole other issue though.


What do you think would happen if your policy was imposed? There would be no one left in Mexico, you would be all alone down there.


At this point I'm just hoping Texas will be kind enough to bring Kansas along when they secede.

As this country creeps closer and closer to a pure democracy this type of legislation will become inevitable. The fact of the matter is that the majority of voters in this country have already voted in socialism, and as history shows there is no getting rid of socialistic policies once they have been enacted. Social security, medicare/caid, health care, etc all could have been fixed long ago, but with the current number of beneficiaries of these programs they will never be properly reduced and phased out without some form of revolution.

I suppose it's possible the revolution is under way, with the 2 million marching in DC on 9/12, but frankly I'm afraid that as vocal as many of us in the opposition are, we are still the minority. In the pure democracy that we are after, the minority has zero say and the constitution is rendered invalid.


Obama's healthcare proposal is a joke. I am not at all opposed to paying more in taxes to provide healthcare for those who don't have it. But a plan without a public option, rationing, healtcare cuts for us who are financing the damn thing, and end-of-life counseling in the manner contemplated by this proposal? I don't think so.

Oh, and whatever happened to cheaper drugs from Canada? Cave to Big Pharma much?


You guys are funny. And by funny, I mean stupid. The quote very specifically states that illegals can't be covered.

[b]"Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally[/b]

So what if he wants to cover legal immigrants who aren't citizens? That would mean green card applicants and holders, and Visa holders, who are all contributing something.

As far as amnesty is concerned, you all have two options here:

1-kick all immigrants out (ha good luck)

2-make them legal immigrants of some sort (not necessarily citizens)

Ignoring illegals to reap the benefits of cheap labor is no longer an option.


There were those every step of the way who loudly warned that once we started down this pseudo compassionate socialistic path exactly what you're saying and what we're seeing would happen. Once people figured out they could vote other people's resources into their own pockets and politicians figured out that by facilitating that they could create for themselves an eternal voting base it was over.

We are tip toeing the razor's edge as I type this. The next very few years will determine whether we finally surrender away this nation in earnest or finally see the disastrous error of starting down this road in the first place. I'm not very hopeful.



People like you will be the most tragic of all.


We can only hope more of his supporters are this honest about it. It's a losing position with the public.


ANYONE in the U.S. (illegal, Kenyan, British, Al Queda) can walk into an emergency room and get treatment for anything for free THAT EXACT SAME DAY. I'd say we're ahead of the rest of the world in that area.