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Obama Wins!


Just wanted to be first.........


Yep. All aboard for the next 4 years.


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I know, how can all these people be so stupid. Life under McCain is going to be free. There is no way he is going to raise taxes. He is going to save every major Bank and Financial Institution, Automakers.

Airlines, every major corporation will not take a loss, not to mention buying all those mortgages. He is going to give all this money away to save America. Hell no, he isn't going to raise taxes, the god damn Obama is.


Well, with McCain at least we can call him a liar when he does it. If some guy flat out tells you he's going to punch you in the face do you not hang out with other people because they MIGHT punch you in the face?



Amen. We're on the way to the finish line. Godspeed to Obama....


Ah, c'mon, Irish-- we're all on to you.

We know you're voting for him because you think he's a fellow Irishman-- "Barry O'Bama"



I wish I could live in fantasy land like liberals. That would be awesome!

If obama does get elected all you fools that voted for him will get exactly what you deserve. Unfortunately, you are taking me down with you.....


I agree with the above statement.


Actually both Liberals AND Conservatives are living in a fantasy land if they think EITHER McCain or Obama or going to come in and "fix" the mess the Country is in.



Now that is an interesting concept, McCain is good because at least he is a liar?


"you are my enemy" mentality from both sides has made people forget the above reality.


I'm pretty sure the US got what it deserved over the last eight years... at least if we follow your analogy.

Hopefully, if Obama wins, he won't be in favor of entitlement or massive government expansion. And no, in comparison, increasing taxes or having a progressive tax system is not a big problem.

I swear, many of you nitwits have no understanding what socialism even is.


Helloooo, McFly knock knock....anybody in there? Who said anything about taxes or socialism? Strawman much? Liberals are in la-la land in many more areas than just economics. Like old Ronald said, "It isn't that our liberal friends are ignorant, it's that they know so much that isn't so."

I happen to be one of the people who cares about things other than our economy. It seems that you, however, have a one track mind. You're in canaduh anyway, so meh, who cares.


Well, c'mon then, tell us what you are so afraid of...


Because he has no current plans of massive government expansion or entitlement...

And you call others nitwits?


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Socialicing healthcare sounds like socialism to me.

And it really doe not matter whether you get to the workers paradise in one giant leap or step by step.


Hey, a post with something in it!

So, you are saying you are afraid of items that have been thrown out specifically for you to be afraid of? You aren't afraid of any of his policies or ideas?

C'mon, I know you can think for yourself.

Are you afraid of a progressive tax system?

Are you afraid of removing forces from Iraq?

Are you afraid of his health care plan?

Are you afraid of his service in return for education concept?

I mean, those sound like actual issues and programs that you'd be facing if he was elected. No thoughts on any of those things? Well, I understand, apparently he's a muslim terrorists who pals around with terrorists.

That's easy to be afraid of!