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Obama Weighs in on Kanye


LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76p9x0-2rJY&feature=player_embedded


hahaha, you know its bad when the president will call you on it.


LOL... why was this moved to the politics forum?


Wow that is pretty awesome. I mean he has no business weighing in on the issue but he was asked the question so whatever.


This is barely fodder for PWI. I mean unless we really want to cover politicians like celebrities.


Because this obviously proves he is a Kenyan born, secret Muslim socialist.


I thought Obama was a celebrity.


On this, I agree wholeheartedly with the President.


I don't agree with his politics but this isn't about that, and by god that is funny haha "he's a jackass"


Well, this was an off-the-record break during the interview.


exactly. Don't forget that he was born in Kenya and conceived immaculately too.


Obama doesn't exist. It's all a conspiracy by the government.


Can Obama finally get a twitter channel?

How could I possibly live my life without knowing where he stands on "True Blood", the NFL and pancakes vs waffles?


Quite frankly I think that this is pretty close to the truth.


How would I know what to believe unless Dear Leader tells me.

Oh yeah, and Kanye is a jackass! I cannot believe something like that would happen on MTV. What is the world coming to!?


Obama's a pancake guy ... he has to be because I love waffles .. although he does think Kanye's a jackass and so do I ... fuck I need to re-evaluate my political beliefs


This is the transparency that I was hoping to see from Obama. I have more respect for him for saying this.


It's a good thing Joe Wilson didn't say this because he would obviously be a cross burning racist.

I will say though that I also mildly respect that he said this, and with what seemed like some sneering sincerity. West IS a jackass. All we need now is for Obama to say the same thing about Jimmy Carter and we'd be getting somewhere.




I think they're both gay fish.