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Obama Wants His Privacy


The Obamas are taking yet another vacation, and this time Commander Hope'n'Change wants the media to leave them alone.


I heard the place rents for over 30,000 a week.


It's not the fact the he's going to Martha's Vineyard that bothers me. What bothers me are the other people that are going at the same time that he his. Add in the lack of media coverage (especially when CNN does 15 min spread when he takes a dump), and this whole thing sounds a little grassy knoll to me........


As far as I am concerned he deserves privacy like all people do... I hate him politically, not personally. I wish him to fail politically, not personally.

And obama doesn't take dumps, he hires political action groups to take dumps for him.


"Aides also asked that the journalists also not take pictures of the Obamasâ?? two young daughters, age 8 and 11, when they arenâ??t with the president."
seems completely reasonable as a general rule regardless of what they are doing.

I remember bush getting a lot of criticism for taking vacations during his first year too. I think it must be quite a bit of a shock to become president.


except that Bush didn't do shit until 9/11 came around.


It irritates me when our youth are so aggressively ignorant.

From: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/2002/01/21/Bushs-first-year-A-truly-wild-ride/UPI-21541011614322/

"In domestic policy, he pushed through sweeping $1.35 trillion tax cuts to be implemented over the next decade but that proved unable to stem the U.S. economy's inexorable slide into recession, the worst in 20 years.

In foreign policy, he alienated Russia and China and alarmed America's European allies with a series of ideologically and intellectually consistent decisions to go it alone on developing anti-ballistic missile defense and not be bound by the Kyoto Protocols on global warming. He backed his defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, in highly controversial plans to slash the size of the U.S. conventional armed forces, especially the land Army and the Navy's nuclear aircraft carrier battle groups, in order to save money to spend high tech space weapons."

I also remember a beautifully handled Hainan spy plane incident. Without his deft handling, that could have gotten very ugly.



backing rumsfeld = we lost/invaded Iraq

tax cuts = expanding the size of the government and launching two wars all the while cutting taxes on the wealthiest 2%... wow what a great move

not signing the kyoto treaty = another brilliant bush move


There is no privacy in the public sector otherwise it would be called the "private sector".


Not signing a stupid treaty that would not have done jack is not brilliant, it's C+ work. but I guess you were being sarcastic, which makes you just not smart.


Millions of Americans are out of work and losing their homes, so Mr. Obama takes a nice relaxing vacation on Marxist Vineyard, which costs us millions.

He eats the best food, wears the best clothes, and lives in a mansion. Yup, man of the people alright.

How about using the money wasted here to randomly pick 20 or 30 people being foreclosed and paying off their mortgages?

He's an asshole elitist.


The same guy that sent 30 gutter attorneys and hundreds of media friends to wreck Sarah Palin's life and family wants to be left alone?


He wants to be left alone, he can just resign.


No he isn't, he cares. Now what would happen if Reagan, Bush senior, or GWB took this same vacation? then it would be awful and out of touch.


He's an asshole elitist.[/quote]

Asshole elitist is a bit harsh .

I would say he has lost touch with 99% of America, just like every devil in Congress.


This is how I feel, not just about Obama, but any celebrity. You knew what you were getting into when you chose your profession.


Exactly, you can pay for security, or in his case we do. And he wanted the job, stop whining and be a President, not a celebrity


I have the sneaking suspicion that this 'vacation' to Massachussetts and request for media black-out was so that he could pay his respects to the Kennedy's before the death. I'm sure obama would have had a heads up on the deteriorating conditions.


The children didn't make that decision.


GWB took vacations at his ranch in Crawford, TX around this time 8 years straight (coincidentally it was the same 8 years he held office). I don't think I remember anyone saying he was out of touch. He just had war protesters sitting outside his ranch.

Couldn't agree more. "Don't take pictures of my daughters or wife when i'm not there." Ok we won't take pictures when you're not president. Fair deal? Good.

What makes me angry is he has secret service go into the places he's going before he gets there to "confiscate" private citizens cell phones because he doesn't want to have his picture taken. I would not consent to that. He's not a king. He's a president. A very mediocre one (so far) at that.