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Obama vs Cheerios.


HA! You can't make this shit up!


Stupid bureaucracy, but actually nothing to do with Obama. It's longterm career people and longtime policy that has resulted in this, not anyone Obama put in. To be fair to Obama.


The FDA is a runaway disgrace. Has been that way for sometime. It really has nothing to do with a particular president, although it would be interesting to explore what a president could do to cripple them. Our beloved elected officials in the legislative branch are the ones that willingly, and unconstitionally, give away their power and responsibility to unelected bureaucracies like the FDA.


LMAO!! Oh that made my day, I can't stop laughing. It's simply hilarious. I can't even intelligently respond to something that ridiculous.


Drinking water will cure dehydration and heat exhaustion, making it a drug, by the FDA's standards.


Most of Washington DC and many departments of the government should all be flushed down the nearest toilet.


It is also illegal to claim oranges cure scurvy.


That's so stupid. We've had various spreads and other things being advertised as able to lower cholesterol for years.