Obama Voters Vote Tomorrow!

The lines for Obama voters are too long and it has been asked that you just show up to vote tomorrow…


Oh dear. Well, I was kinda busy today anyways. I guess I’ll just…

… Hey, wait a minute…

Yes yes, I heard about that announcement also!

Apparently there was also a HUGE event going on near the Canadian border. It is an Obama rally of massive proportions. If you go to it, your vote counts for DOUBLE. So please, take your time today to show your support for Obama, and go to Canada.


Fuck youuuu!! I voted for my man obama today.

[quote]football061 wrote:
Fuck youuuu!! I voted for my man obama today.[/quote]

why? not a critic…but why did YOU personally vote for him?

What qualities?


[quote]timbofirstblood wrote:
http://www.abc40tv.com/global/story.asp?s=9291707 [/quote]

lol you caught me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also voted for Obama. My decision is purely economical, MY economy. I look past Obama, Biden is a true friend to my industry(locomotive engineer), and Obama said that Warren Buffet would be a candidate for sec. of treasury, also a HUGE friend to railroads considering he owns about 48% of BNSF.

In 2009 my national contract is up, and a new one to be negotiated, which almost always ends in either arbitration(appointed by the house/senate) or a Presidential Emergency Board(which is handpicked by the administration) So my decision was made on the fact that McCain is extremely anti-union, and would attempt to break our contracts, which he could never do but annoying nonetheless, and Obama not only himself but with those around him is very friendly to labor.