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Obama Voters are Pro Infanticide


Believe it or not, this isn't a quip about abortion. I'm talking literal infanticide.


I don't know which is the scarier assumption; that Obama voters actually do consciously support infanticide, or if they're just such zombies that they'll literally support anything with Obama's name on it.


I think it is both. I knew several of my comrades in FreeThought (both students and professors) who were in favor of infanticide up until the age of two years after birth. Had "logical" arguments for it. Twisted stuff.


If it is the former, then you could at least debate them on it and change their mind through reasoning. If it's the latter, we're all fucked and better just pray to God that Obama never officially endorses these sorts of things.


Pretty sure it is the latter. Howard Stern did a bit where he quizzed Obama supporters on where or not selecting Paul Ryan was the right choice for his vice president and if he did it because Ryan was black? Other questions were, if they thought Romney being Muslim would hurt him and did they have a problem with Obama being a Mormon? Also, did they think Obama could get Osama bin Laden his second term. Several people though McCain was running against Obama.

He did the same thing when McCain was running against him and flipped ever single platform that the two were running on and all the Obama supporters suddenly thought that government run healthcare was an evil Republican idea immigration had to be stopped.


Third possibility: the people who signed the petition are fucking morons who don't know what "infanticide" means.

There's a similar video with a petitioner asking people to sign a petition in support of "fourth-term abortions".

For every contentious issue, there is a huge segment of its supporters who don't understand it. All it takes is somebody shrewd enough to exploit this fact.

"What good fortune for governments that people do not think."


If you watch the video, you'll see he explains what infanticide is to the people signing it, referring to infanticide as akin to a post-birth abortion and homicide for children multiple times.


Think you could pull up that video (or audio if that's all it's available in). That would be some next-level trolling bait.


Tried. They have blocked all video functions at work though until they can sort out giving only teachers and administrative staff permissions. So I cant but you could probably find it on youtube.


Lol I think this is the video you're talking about.


I did watch the video. Having been in advertising and sales, I can tell you that there are some people in this world who can hear something explained to them a half dozen times in ridiculously simple terms, and still not get it.

Perhaps if the petitioner had said something like "want sign paper say kill babies O.K.?" then perhaps he would have been better understood.


I have a guess...


If Obama was running for presidency with the slogan "Murder babies" I would agree with the thread title. It would certainly be "Change" :slight_smile:


The messenger has become more important than the message. (I am guilty of this at times myself.) Look at how quick people are to resort to personal attacks.

Shit, Gingrich could be the most brilliant political mind on the planet right now, but because he can't keep his dick in his pants, and his delivery is blunt, he'll never have a chance.

Obama can flat out talk about wealth distribution, government thief and people eat that shit up and worship him for it...


But the key to successfully attracting as many useful idiots to your side as you can is to keep your aims vague. "Murder babies" is a campaign slogan that is too specific, and too easy for the idiots to understand. A slogan like "protect a woman's right to choose" sounds so much nicer, and never specifies what she is actually choosing to do. Sure, protect a woman's right to choose a career, a school, a brand of running shoes.... who could object to that?

"Protect a woman's right to choose whether or not to have someone scramble the brains of her unborn baby and Hoover it out of her vagina with a hose", on the other hand, might raise some eyebrows.


Hoover...Bad President, bad Vaccum Cleaner...Nothing beats a "Hyla", Not even a ''Rainbow''.
And ''Kirby'', well those Vacuum Cleaners are built like fuckin' Tanks and have been actually passed down
from Mother to Daughter.
And DO NOT get me started on Dyson, that British dude just creeps me out and those
'suckers' made out of cheap-assed plastic are way too expensive especially for their awful Consumer Reports ratings.
Ok back on subject...SAVE THE BABIES!


Colonel Mustard,
...at the abortion clinic,
...with a DustBuster.

I had actually written "suck it out of her vagina" in that post, but figured it would be funnier to use "Hoover it out" instead. Shoulda gone with my first instinct.


No because what you typed first would have sounded like a Porno...The earliest foundation of abortion I know of is traced back to Fallen Angel ''Tamiel'', written about in the Dead Sea Scrolls who taught Mankind the "strikes of the embryo in the womb".

Whatever, I didn't write that...If you see "'written by Karado" in the Dead Sea Scrolls then you can blame me for that shit.


Annnnndddd I couldn't resist


So they'll sign things they don't even understand just so long as they're told Obama supports it, eh?


Look, I don't know about you, but I don't exactly take comfort in the thought that the only thing keeping these people from supporting baby-killing is a couple of syllables.