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Obama: Unemployment



The Whiner-in-chief blames it all on Bush of course......... What a loser.


That wasn't the tone of the interview at all.



He's always blaming the economy on Bush, so it doesn't matter to me. He certainly didn't blame it on himself.


He never specifically mentions Bush. Furthermore, to blame the current Economic woes entirely on Obama is idiocy. Remove your partisan shutters.


The reason US employers are not adding people to the payroll are:

  1. Economic uncertainty, caused in no small part, by a rudderless Federal Government
  2. Obamacare makes it much more expensive to add people to payroll
  3. Recent modifications by the liberal Congress to unemployment make it too expensive to fire crappy people
  4. Recent modifications by the liberal Congess to anti-discrimation laws that make frivolous lawsuits much easier to bring and much more expensive to get rid of
  5. It's far cheaper money-wise, far safer litigation-wise, and far easier regulation-wise to hire in non-business hostile countries (like India, Israel, Korea, whatever)


But isn't that what progressives want, we need to repay what we have taken from these oppressed countries. But most somewhat left and moderate democrats don't realize the extent to which they wish to do this, and most who vote republican don't realize alot of their politicians are progressive too.


Waste of a thread. How many of these have there been? Can we talk about something with more substance? Oh yeah this is PWI.


I was thinking the same thing too. When I saw the title, I thought there might be a chance... oh well.


Only if you ignore the fact that coming into office and during his presidency he has blamed all the countries problems on both the republicans and Bush. Now he is saying the president and party in power don't really have the power to control the economy.

So to summarize, with republicans in power, bad things are all their fault. With dems in power, they aren't responsible for present economic conditions.

There is a huge amount of hypocrisy in what he said. But, he's a politician, that's what he does. This isn't big news.


Mr Obama also said that he did not believe the elections had been a referendum on his presidency. "I think first and foremost, it was a referendum on the economy. And the party in power was held responsible for an economy that is still underperforming and where a lot of folks are still hurting."

Really? Can he really be this clueless?




4est!! Awesome.

No he, and another 20% of our population and 80% of media think that we are just too dumb and shortsighted to see all the great things him and his party has done to us in the last 2 years with a super majority and owning all 3 branches! We could not see the groundbreaking greatness of what they have done.

It was a matter of failed communication and misinformed people fueled by fear and lies by the likes of right wing propaganda machine. Logic goes out the window when times are tough.


What are you doing here? Get back to the Christian threads and continue doing Gods work.



Do you disagree?

They have a word for when the 'party in power' controls the economy. :slightly_smiling:


I wasn't arguing either way. I was just noting the rampant hypocrisy of his statements. I personally think congress and more specifically the house (which has been dem 4 years now) and the federal reserve have much larger impacts. I think the biggest impact a president can really have is "consumer confidence". But like I said, Obama wants it both ways and he isn't holding dems to the same standards as his predecessors.


People are paying less taxes but its not helping the economy. The economy is on a recovery swing right now and will take around 12 years to get into a surplus, take a while before we see actual changes. There isnt much to do with the economy without fucking it more.

And the Democratic supermajority, what a joke. The Democratic party is so weak in the Congress. Republicans just took the house idk bout the senate yet, but im sure we can see some kind of change, dont know if its good or bad.


What I don't understand is this, Obama is supposed to be educated at the best institute in the world and yet seems completely oblivious to the fact that Calvin Coolidge led us out of a far worse depression then we are in now and it only took him a year to do it.(I know he was only the vice president at the time but he was the one pulling the strings).


The President isnt really the whole problem, argueably.The Democratic party have no loyalty and everyone runs on their own agenda that they can help get anything passed. Like I said Democrats had the house senate and the admistration. They could do whatever they want but so far they havent done squat...