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Obama to Publish Your IRS Personal Info?


"As if Obamaâ??s health care proposals were not flawed enough, CBS News reports a previously unnoticed provision of the bill which makes a shambles of any privacy surrounding your federal tax returns. Under the House bill, the IRS is required to make available to the new government Health Choices Commissionerâ?? established by the legislation and to each state health program all of your personal tax information.

So the Health Choices Commissioner and anyone in his office, the fifty state health programs and their staffs, and the vast Social Security Administration will all now have access to your personal tax information.

It might as well be published in the newspapers."




No one's interested in this? Have I been communicating again with another one of those pseudo-websites they run out of the NSA, there at Ft. Meade? Shucks!! :wink:


T-Nation: the honeytrap to find and root out subversives such as yourself.

The secret has been discovered.

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.


I am with you on this HH. It seems that everyday I am assaulted with such as this I become more numb to the stupidity. Unfortunately, I am sure that this is the plan. We have a Socialist in office, a Socialist party in charge of House and Senate, and a Socialist Media acting as the propaganda machine. This will not end well. Watch the markets over the coming months. I believe we are going to see the previous March bottoms again, and then some. What will 25% plus unemployment do for the situation? We live in interesting times. We will see our first Depression in eighty years. Can our Republic survive?


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I think all the change is stopping right here, how much longer do you expect America to sit by and let this man destroy the Republic?


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What we are going to see is this health bill blow up in his face. He is not stupid enough to try reconciliation, and does not have the votes for this. This is going to kill his presidency.

It looks like the conservatives are going to to take back the house and senate or at least balance them out. That should be enough to hold him off till 2012, by then I think we will see a drastic decline in our economy to the point where he stands no chance of being re-elected.