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Obama To Ban Bees?



I think, so far, the response to this shooting has been pretty measured and reasonable. Certainly, there have been calls for greater gun control and the initial misportrayal of the shooter carrying an 'assault rifle' happened, but I don't see emotions rising the the point of congressional involvement.

Possibly in a different congressional atmosphere things would be different. But I think in this case, it's pretty obvious that the shooter was pretty superficially normal and abided by pretty much every standard of current and proposed law and, historically, pretty clearly set off all kinds of mental stability alarm bells. Yet another prototype for how gun control legislation won't catch people or prevent shootings.


We need to identify these bees before they offend and give them the treatment they need.


Everybody knows that African-American Bees are disproportionately responsible for stinging induced deaths. I say we (finally) get some racial profiling action on.



Damn right! Hardcore Pun Action all over the internet for everyone to see.


BREAKING NEWS: People die in many different ways.

So...preventable deaths shouldn't be prevented right guys?

That's like saying Obama will ban cancer since cancer kills more than mass shootings.


Oh no, he should ban cigarettes.

And alcohol.

And cars and and swingsets and bungee jumping.

In fact, the whole US should be a giant padded cell.


For more reason than one.


Last time I checked, no one goes into a school wtih a car and runs over 15 kids.


That's because they make those doors so damn small to drive thru and those dumb kids keep jumping out the way when they are on the street.

If we widened the access doors in those schools, then we could get down to business.


Yeah and they lock the doors too. I mean, what is this, a bank?