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Obama Supporters Interviewed in Harlem


This should make the news. Obama will probably win Harlem by 99.99% and these are some of the idiots who will be voting for him there:


Just think about the fact that their vote is worth as much as yours.


It's a good argument that we should allow only literate people with IQ's of over 90+ to vote.


That's descriminatory and unconstitutional.

Instead, their votes should be worth double to compensate for what they lack in inteligence.

Everything must be equal.

This whole thread is racist


Stupidity is everywhere.

23% of Texans believe Obama is a Muslim.



Only twenty-three? That's funny, because 100% of the Indonesian Muslims that actually went to school with him believe that Obama is a Muslim.


That is an illegitimate comparison


But in all fairness how many atheists are forced to go to Catholic school too. If someone said they weren't part of such and such a religion why would you not believe him? Why would he lie about it in a world where there are no secrets?


Lol. Awesome post.


Huh. You think they both share that belief for the same reason? Or is it that the Texans are ignorant and the Indonesians are in denial. Either way, Obama appears to be a pretty shitty Muslim, right?

The language and many tenets of Islam is pretty averse to me, so I feel like I would have noticed if Obama was a practicing Muslim. Maybe he is a secret Muslim?


Only people with a high school diploma should be allowed to vote. If that doesn't work, only those who own property (real estate) and have a high school diploma should be allowed to vote.

We have GOT to stop letting hobos, ACORN bums, and homeless derelicts from destroying this country.


LOL @ Obama being a muslim.

Some of you guys are very desperate!


What rational person wouldn't be considering the circumstances?


He only gets four years -- unless he is elected again.

He can't do any worse for the nation than Bush and the next president can unwind things if need be.

Seriously, no rational person should be panicking. Neither candidate is the devil.


So, what do you think about McCain getting 99.99% of the racist skinhead vote?

This has no bearing on either candidate.


You might be right. Being a president is a fluid process - if your new policies turn out horribly then the public will demand change and the administration will respond to the situation. Or it could spiral wildly out of control.

Either way, the devil argument doesn't work for me, though. He always seemed like the cool but misunderstood guy. I went to catholic school for twelve years and I never really heard any real details about him or what he did - its mostly just gossip, really.


Oh I am quite certain that he can do far worse than Bush.

Remember, his executive presence means no policy gridlock.

I love it when people confuse executive and legislative branches, or ignore one or the other completely.

You are comparing one of the largest minority groups in the U.S. to a universally despised hate-cult?

I wonder how many millions more ignorant black people there are voting for Obama based on the amount of pigment in his flesh than there are aryan brothers voting for McCain.



Hey, toss it out, let's see what you are afraid of!


If these racist skinheads has any self-respect they wouldn't vote for Mccain either. I've seen the guy shake Obama's hand! Maybe he's even done the half-hug hand-shake thing where you put your other hand on the guy's shoulder. Or maybe Mccain was just faking those handshakes and possible shoulder bumps. But still. Not cool.



If you are asking me what i am afraid of personally, then i must say...there are a number of things.

but seriously, its just the same "socialism, anti-second ammendment, steal from the rich give to the lazy, abortion, homosexuality, higher taxes on the upper class, strategy of appeasement". text that every other like-minded conservative has been filling this board with.