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Obama Signs NDAA Into Law

  1. I'm back, don't get used to it.
  2. You Americans are fucked.

U.S. citizens can now be detained indefinitely and without trial. What's that you say? It's only for suspected terrorists? Well if you never get a trial it really doesn't matter what they suspect you of, now does it?

I don't buy the whole "Obama reluctantly signed it" line. I don't care how small your nut sack is, this isn't something you just bend over for and get bullied into. I thought Obama was just incompetent, but now I see he is malicious.


You had me at.... incompetent.


Yeah, It's only for terrorists for now. Once it is expanded to include other groups, and the definition of "terrorist" is expanded, it should adequately cover every living soul in our country.

I agree with you completely on the maliciousness.


This guy, same as the last guy......


You seem to have missed that "Obama reluctantly signed it" because he claimed that he had more far reaching possibilities as a president already and that he did not want them curtailed in this way.


I say you should not be wearing a Speedo.




Didn't Obama make it that only he has these powers, not the military? Which is a win of sorts I guess, until the next president doesn't feel the same way (Hilary/Christie...)


No he claimed that it was pretty much settled that he pretty much could detain anyone on his say so.

In fact, he is so convinced of this that he released at least one prisoner and handed him over to a court before the SCOTUS could hear him out. After all, it would only be superfluous to have the SCOTUS confirm which is prima facie obvious to any right thinking establishmentarian.

He also claimed that this law would contain pesky procedures and therefore hamper his very important work of disappearing people, which, after all , is done best without any formal procedures whatsoever.

Did El Salvadorian dead squads have judicial oversight or even rules in place?

Didnt think so.

Thank God, this could never get out of control, well, mainly because it already is.

Also, is there any reason that used RICO rules so reluctantly, arrests people for videotaping cops or has used the PATRIOT act to go after alleged drug dealers, palliative medicine, online gambling and internet porn?

Of course not.


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Well at least this will make it much easier for him to detain dissidents.

Obama 2012.


Not quite.

Military courts proceed without suspension of habeus corpus. Citizens get legal representation. The Prez has no say in this.

But what every commentator is missing is the following:

--By codifying military detention for those captured abroad, it is now illegal for, say, the CIA, to apprehend suspects. (Remember "extraordinary renditions?")

--Mr Obama--the self-styled constitutional scholar--had another course of action. He could have signed the NDAA, and immediately issued an executive order that all American citizens and legal resident detained by the military must be advised as to their rights and remanded to Article III courts within, say, 72 hours.

It is stunning that these options were not considered by lawmakers--not even Udall, leave alone Feinstein--but even more so that Obama did not consider this as the alternative "cover" to reinforce the civil rights of the accused.


Would you prefer this?


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I'm curious wasn't it said that if he vetoed the bill, it was more then likely to be passed when congress would revote on it?