Obama Seeking 'Ass to Kick' Over Oil Spill


I almost choked on my eggs this morning when I saw that! Clearly his handlers are urging him to start acting/talking tough with regard to his ho-hum response to not only the Gulf oil spill, but just about every problem that has occurred under his watch.

This is just too funny.

it’s really sad to see a beta-male try to act like an Alpha Male . . .

Yeah I thought that was a poor choice on his part. He should not use Spike Lee as an advisor. He’s actually been doing the right thing. Making BP deal with it and holding their feet to the fire with accountability. He needs to hold that course. Now he realizes the governement can’t fix everything. The people at fault are the best ones to deal with it. It’s his job to make sure they clean up every drop and repay every penny to the people effected. Nobody is going to get an ass kicking.

As horrible as this shit is, it was ultimately an accident. There are over 4000 rigs in the gulf and has been rigs in the gulf for decades. Nothing like this has ever happened. There was negligence and mistakes made. BP will pay dearly as will the owners and builders of the rig.

BP says they have $30 billion set aside for this thing. I see it costing over $100 billion if not $200 billion in the end.

no. . . . look over there . . .