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Obama Saying: Thank You, Satan!






That's a big stretch there HH.


Who cares if he is?
Most symbols in the American ideal are not Christian, right?


Why? Didn't you listen to it?


I swear HH has discovered the wonders of Marijuana :slight_smile:


It doesn't stop at the commander-in-chief, look at how the entertainment industry has been infiltrated by the evil one.


ooooooooooooooooooooo this is a fun game!!

Seriously HH you can go into you tube and it gives 388 results for satanic messages in music alone.

As a matter of fact here is one fro Jimmy Swaggart!


Oh man, this thread has me in stitches! LMFAO!

Please, MOAR!


I've been trying to teach my bird to say "obama is the devil".

That information seemed appropriate for this thread.


Someone has way to much time on there hands.


Pure awesomeness?

Yes we can!


You gotta admit, the "Yes we can" part really does work when backwards masked.


There it is.


And PWI becomes even more retarded.


And anyways, even if that were true, what's the big deal? Hail Satan.



Man, this is as good as it gets!


YES, (PWI) can!

It's this type of thread that keeps pulling me back!


what's PWI mean?


PWI = Post-Workout Idiocy