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Obama: 'Save Your Money'


Do you believe the nerve of this fucking nazi communist socialist bastard, telling me to save for my own retirement?

Just to show this fucker he can't talk to me like some little kid, I'm going to spend all my money and survive on Social Security when I get old. That'll show him.




Enjoy having a horrible retirement.

Nice name you called Obama. Very articulate.


Well, it's good advice. Won't be much of SS left by 2040.


What's kind of weird to me, doesn't he want americans consuming? I thought the fact that americans were sitting on their money, saving it, was bad?


He wants whatever will keep in popular, like any other politician.


Let the air out of your tires, and run your air conditioner at 60 degrees with the windows open.



and interest rates suck right now.

and my mutual funds are all in the red.

Quit giving money to the greedy jackoffs who caused this disaster and raise the interest rates so people could actually save.

And quit giving variable rate loans to people who have no means whatsoever to pay them back. If they hadn't done so, this could all have been averted.


Now you're talkin! I ain't washin my fuckin hands either. I'll show that fuckin nazi muslim socialist sumbitch, by God.


Show me someone who is relying on Social Security for their retirement, and I'll show you someone that's going to be REALLY hungry, and often.


Govt should learn to budget before telling me I should.....


Too bad Bush and the GOP (the party of fiscal responsibility) weren't able to privatize Social Security (because the Free Market always does things more efficiently than the federal government). Let's tie peoples' retirement savings to the stock market.

That would have turned out really well.


Social Security is a giant Ponzi scheme, you couldn't work it even if you tried. If the government would have kept all the money in the lock box, then it may have worked.


Social Security lock box? Are you an Al Gore fan? Wasn't that part of his campaign platform when he ran for president in 2000?

Good call.


It would have if the government hadn't interfered in the housing sector and created an artificial bubble that inevitably collapsed and crashed the stock market.


The Nazis told people to save money too.


Even if you did a lock box people wouldn't be getting anywhere near the amount of money they are now. If people are forced to live off social security they would have failed anyways.

Do yourself a favor and don't talk about things you don't understand.