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Obama Report Card


So given the events of the past six months let us evaluate:
- Close Gitmo <- not happening
- Stimulus <- didn't do shit only increased debt.
- Pulling out of Iraq <- Predictably a lot of blood shed at the hands of terrorists who are taking over the regions that we are leaving.
- Tried to negotiate with taliban <- Boy that one's going over like a lead turd.
- Iran <- Ahmenathingy just said "obama is like Bush" LOL!
- Reaching out to Cuba <- Got the middle finger from Fidel
- Budget <- The size if it even gives democrats the heebee-geebee's
- Cap and Trade <- Run for you lives if this gets passed what a piece of shit.
- Socialized medicine <- So big, even the democrats are scared of it.

So what he has done and is trying to do, I am loathed to find any good points. Well, he did stop federal raids on pot clinics. That is a good thing.

He can talk real good.

The media LOVES him like I have never seen a love before.

Other than that, I sincerely think Paris Hilton would have done a better job.

Paris/Pat 2012!


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Even though it was a no brainer I'll give him credit for his handling of the pirates and the hostage captain.

Other than that the unholy trinity of Obama, Reid and Pelosi are relentlessly pursuing the very disastrous anti American path I knew they would.

If they get cap and trade AND public health care we will have at that point officially gone off the cliff at the bottom of the slippery slope and will be in a free fall into soft tyranny.


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Ya know what? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there are even Dems for whom this agenda is too much on the basis of conscience. There has got to be some with just enough red white and blue still in their veins to see that they will be dooming the future of this country if they go along with this shit.


I hope you're right.


His popularity is dropping, even within his own party. He is too left, even among the left. Sometimes I wonder if he lives in fantasy land with his thinking. I mean, does he even consider that all of his efforts require funding? And can he do it WITHOUT raising taxes? Hell no.


Where all his freaking defenders, are they ashamed and disgraced?


even the liberal medias starting to catch on to this fool.


His method appears to be of presenting himself as the Saviour to crises.

Adding all the trillions in spending that he has already done of course creates a crisis, and just recently he was saying that the deficits are an enormous problem and no one is more concerned about them than he.

Now what is his solution going to be? How will he be the Saviour?

Surely not by changing his mind on the trillions in new spending, most of which hasn't been spent yet.

No, by new taxes, of course.

Which he couldn't have gotten without the crisis of the national debt being on track to quadrupling, from an already excessive level.

He is not a stupid man.


I know he isn't stupid, hell, he made it to the White House. He skills as an orator certainly help, along with a Democratic Congress, to make his agenda happen. The people cannot rely on him being honest or forthcoming, it is up to the people to do the math and use common sense to see what's REALLY going on.



This whole agenda, which is not new with him, is about hijacking as much of what's left of the private economy as possible thus making the feds majority shareholders in the United States itself. It doesn't even have to be in raw numbers as long as it's sufficient and in the the right areas to provide controlling influence over the rest.

How people do not see this is just beyond me. It is so obvious, that them plainly telling us this is their intention should add nothing to the certainty.


I think people still have a shred of hope, that a politician or leader can actually mean what he says. Or that his/her intentions are both good and valid. What people fail to realize is that time and time again, politicians will feed people music to their ears, only to get what they desire.

Leadership positions are meant to be a public service, not a game of popularity and wealth. When someone shows up who is above all that petty nonsense and who cannot be bought by unions and special interest groups, we will have a real leader who is capable. But I fear that won't happen until hell freezes over.


I am not one of those people and it makes no difference which party. Their record tells me everything I care to know about them.


I hear you Tirib, most people just don't think that way. That's all I am getting at.


Oh I know. I wasn't jabbing you.

Barack Obama was elected because you're right. People are still foolish enough to listen to what they say regardless of how alarmingly contrary it is to what they've done.

It's still happening. "I don't wanna run car companies" while he's running car companies.

He could give a speech decrying the evils of red ties while wearing one and a disturbingly significant portion of the population would come away believing he opposes red ties.


This is where knowing a shred of what else is going on in the world. This methodology was used by chavez in Venezuela in his early days. One big difference is chavez had huge oil revenues in proportion with the rest of the economy so he did not have to stick it to the people to fund his tyrannical intentions. Now look where he is, el presidente for life. I see many parallels between the two.

We the people have to use every legal means possible to stop this crap here. If we can stop the cap and trade and health care governmentalization, we can put to rest the most dangerous, pieces to his agenda. We cannot rest.


Every legal mean huh?

You do understand that your opponents actually make the laws and break them at will and unpunished?


I give him an F for getting a portugese water dog for his kids, imagine if he got a doberman. To get back to a serious note though some die hard liberals look at him like he is Jesus, people are following him blindly not matter what decisions he makes. However he is an extremely charismatic speaker and is very intelligent.


So you took a guy that you already hate, and know you disagree with on every major issue, and rated him shittily because he did exactly what you knew he would.

That's... ah, great. If he's pissing you off, that means he's doing what he should be doing. If you thought he was doing a good job I'd be scared.

Thanks for reaffirming my faith Pat.