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Obama Refers to Soccer as 'Football'


I couldn't believe my ears, he becomes the first president ever to use the word "Football" to refer to soccer. It was at the G20 summit, I just saw a clip where some british reporter asked him about some soccer game and he referred to it as football. Do you think he went too far?


lol...way too far...crossed a line with that.


Yep, more proof that he was born in Kenya.

Or was that Indonesia? Malaysia? Pakistan?

I forget.


As long as he doesn't refer to tiddly winks as checkers I think we're good.


What is this "soccer" you speak of?


Yes, this offends me.

I am not kidding.


Down right pissed.

I am going to cry in my basement and drink myself to sleep.


Kenyans play 'football'.

Americans play FOOTBALL.


My thoughts exactly! And, I'm pretty sure, he's a Kenyan-born Indonesian citizen. He lost what little American citizenship he might have had when his mom enrolled him into an Indonesian school...duh!


A form of policatal correctness? The rest of the world calls it one thing America calls it another...
Im surprised he didn't apoligies to the world for American calling the sport soccer.

But he's doing enough to betray America and doing it here at home.


He doesn't think like an American. This is one reason I believe that not only should a POTUS of the USA be born here, they should have roots going back 2 generations at least.

Three of my ancestors fought in the Union Army, one a great-grandad. THAT'S the kind of commitment I look for in a presidential candidate...not some Kenyan criminal who's daddy was a commie, that tried to turn Kenya communist.

Hmmm...Obama walks in his daddy's shoes more than we thought.



Maybe you should call your american football soccer instead, it's a hell of a lot more accurate then football. You barely kick the ball. Call it something appropiate. Good for him to call soccer football.

Soccer sock-her.


That comment doesn't offend me in the least. What does offend me is the fact that he wants to steal money from people who have earned it and give it to people who have not earned it otherwise known as national health care.


This is the key to everything this guy is about, but not just him.


The stupid thing is that Soccer is a british term, it comes from the fact that the full name is AsSOCiation Football. The term started up in British public schools so as to differentiate from Rugby Football.

A public school being an exclusive paid for school not a state run school.

Brits who complain about sceptics referring to Football as Soccer are actually showing their ignorance. Complaining about Sceptics referring to American Football as just Football however is perfectly acceptable given that this is confusing for most of the world.


LOL. Not sceptics. Septics, as in septic tank. :slightly_smiling:


What, you don't think the founders thought it preferable for a President to have spent most of his formative childhood years growing up in other countries, schooled by these other nations?

Why, I think that is exactly what they wanted. The very omission of the phrase they could have written "who also grew up in the United States" proves that they thought foreign-raising to be entirely acceptable, even preferable.


Which is what we have in the UK. But remember, improving access to health care for the poor has a positive effect on your health as well.


Didn't know that. That's an interesting little tidbit there. So you're saying it started out like slang for a person that belonged to AF? "That guy is a SOC'er?" And then got adapted to the sport itself?