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Obama: Political Suicide Bomber?


"What if Barack Obama is the most successful suicide bomber of them all, a political suicide bomber?

A man who reached the highest office in the world for the sole purpose of ensuring our demise as a nation. A man who reached this office out of nowhere with no qualifications and no experience. A man who easily defeated the Clinton machine, the most effective political machine in recent history. A man who has demonstrated total incompetence in office while at the same time attempting to force an unrealistic ideology upon us all.

He spends most of his time on vacation or on the golf course, swooping into the office at opportune times to cause more havoc. On top of all that he has professed adherence to, and demonstrated sympathy for, a religious ideology that desires our annihilation.

As President of the United States, the keeper of the American legacy, and leader of the free world he is an abject failure. As a destructive agent of our enemies, he has had much success. If he finds himself wielding this kind of power, he could do more damage than any bomb ever could.

Is Barak Obama waiting for the opportunity to completely destroy our nation?"