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Obama on The Daily Show


Here's something for all the Stewart haters to chew on. Obama certainly doesn't get a free pass here. Stewart asks him legitimate, pointed questions and makes valid criticisms.



I thought this was a comedy show? Everyone tells me that jon stewart is "teh funneez" and not a serious source of news or political commentary, so what gives here? By that logic, none of this was worth watching at all and a total waste of time, right?

Anyway, it didn't sound like Obama was challenged at all. He was able to dodge almost every question with his usual "We're working on it, we're not there yet. we've been moving forward, it's all Bush's fault" blah, blah, blah.......

Doesn't look like anything was accomplished there, just more hot air from Obama and stewart's smug, self absorbed bullshit.


I didn't say Stewart could make him give poignant answers, but he asked great questions. Obama was challenged by them, he just gave the typical political answers. The point is Stewart didn't give him a free pass. It wasn't like a republican going on fox news and getting and handjob under the table during the interview.


I think it was a very good interview. It had some laughs (you don't want to use that phrase, dude) but basically it was serious. The only thing Obama can say is that they're working on it, we didn't get everything we wanted, go out and vote, etc. He's not going to say anything groundbreaking in an interview.


That was a good one. I figured he put one out there fast and hard to get the obligatory difficult question out of the way. Then he asked another well constructed and very direct question, and another, and another...

It was funny how he would duck his head and nervously rub his forehead before he put a difficult one out there, like "Oh shit. This is gonna hurt me a lot more than its gonna hurt him.".

Anyhow, I'm starting to gain some respect for Stewart after seeing him go from a Bill Maher like party sycophant to someone who actually questions his political party and expects real answers to relevant questions.


Those count as hard questions?


You should have heard the interview here in Los Angeles last week, where Obama had an interview with Piolin, an illegal alien who now does talk radio for the Hispanic community here.

Piolin - "You promised us Comprehensive Immigration Reform (amnesty) during the first year of your campaign, and made no significant efforts to pass it, why?"

Obama - Piolin, I know much of your audience is waiting, but the truth is is that I need help from both sides of the aisle, and the Republicans will not meet me there. I need 60 votes, and I just don't have it..."

Piolin - "Mr. President, you passed your health care law in the way that you did, why couldn't you have done Immigration Reform the same way?"

Obama - (Grrr, sigh, moan) "Well we, errr, umm, you see..."

Dude is so full of bullshit, he couldn't even appease an illegal alien who snuck into the US in the trunk of a car. I gotta credit Piolin for at least putting him in the hot seat.


I enjoyed the interview. I respect Stewart. He is left leaning, he doesnt make any bones about it. Take him at face value and enjoy it, not too difficult.


That interview was far from challenging. Right after he was done talking about Summers, the same exact question should have been repeated for Bernanke, Geithner, etc. and framed in a much more "challenging" way. His answer to the Summers thing was bullshit either way.


I like how he compared his health care to social security. He said in the beginins ss was just for widows and orphans, but over time that foundation was built upon. He said healthcare would be the same way, then said that is how progressive policies work. Does this mean the massive health care bill is just a start of something bigger?


and getting and handjob

Looks like the great Englich teacher made a mistake.


Yes , I think the only way to make health care more affordable for all is to remove the profit


I like Stewart also , America needs a restoration to sanity , the Right wing has everyone that America has always been a nut job Nation


Oh, sorry. He didn't jump into some macro economic theory that needs to be explained by a professor then studied and is still poorly understood, but defaulted to pedestrian questions that people want answers to, so the questions were softballs.

Ma Bad.

Maybe when you get an interview with the president, you can really grill him.


Holy christ, man. First you say it's stupid to call out spelling mistakes. Then you jump at the chance to do it. Then you misspell the word English. Seriously? I already said I'm aware that I make mistakes, just not egregiously and repeatedly.


Hence, a lower standard of a resource servicing you. Profit drives ingenuity...PERIOD.


I say let Obama keep showing up and campaigning while we dive deeper in debt....

Let him campaign campaign campaign. He is not a president for the people, he is a president for the progressive agenda..... damned be the people.

Every time he stumps, it just digs his hole deeper. Keep going BO....you are doing a great job showing us what is truly important for your party instead of what is important to US Citizens.


He wasn't out for the kill here. He was trying to have a discussion about topics relevant to most Americans. Granted, Obama didn't really offer up anything new, but Stewart, who is not a newscaster or a politician, did well to ask questions that any reasonable person would want answers to. Republicans shit on the daily show for essentially the same reasons democrats shit on glenn beck, but this was a good show of still being able to thoughtfully question the politics of the party you support.


Nicely formed post bro!

Glad that EVERYONE is effected by the right wing with a Democratic super majority! That IS NUTS!


Really don't want to turn this thread into this argument so I will just do it this way.


From what I have seen it's not so much the Republicans hate Stewart it is that they hate the people who take his comedy as news.(Something Stewart himself says people should not do)

Don't get me wrong I am glad stewart asked him some questions and didn't give him a free ride, but they were not tough questions.