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No matter what your political thinking is,Obama is what this country is supposed to be about.A hard working highly intelligent person of any race or normal background ,making it to the potus office.Its not just for spoiled ,silver spoon people that think they should be there because of daddies or grandpa's connections.At last it seem's we have a leader with an open mind ,who can actually think !!! Give Em HELL Barry!!


Who's Barry?


Don't worry he will try to give us "HELL"

If he succeeds hope you enjoy living in it.


McCarthy was right and now we're screwed...


All these people that were cheering on Bush while he wrecked their country, are now worried.

Perhaps they would have preferred McCain to finish the job?


Location: Belgium

foreigners thinking they understand american politics.



And you are? Oh yeah. I guess you didn't change your location. You see, we are talking about AMERICAN politics.


The only thing worse than a fereigner failing to understand American politics is an American failing to understand American politics.

I have absolutely no idea how some conservatives' brains are so screwed up that they can object to Obama because "he could ruin our country!" when the Bush administration JUST GOT FINISHED ruining our country, and not see the disconnect there.


Because it wasn't the Bush administration, it was years of failed politics from both sides,

people have a problem with obama because he compaigned as a democrat but previously lived his whole political life as a socialist activist, something cuts against the very grain of what America is. And with the puppet masters in house there is quick avenue to do a lot of unrepealable damage.


Their memories go back further than four years.


Precisely. So what don't you get?


Oh, wreckless is a tool....I have shit more intelligent entities.


I voted for Bush and McCain...I hope Obama turns out to be the best president since Lincoln.


I think it's hilarious how most of the Republicans around here are quick to forecast and can magically predict how Obama is going to turn the US into this heinous world to live in, even thought most of his policies probably won't even pass. But then, when the economy of the last eight years are pointed out, they quickly dismiss it as "failed politics from both sides." That pretty much means objectivism, which means you're a stubborn, ignorant tool who can only see things in black and white.

"Something cuts against the very grain of what America is" - Guess what that is? Removing bipartisanship from our country. Hypocrite.


It's also hilarious how all out liberal democrats think some how Obama is the long awaited return of the messiah.

I can generalize to its pretty easy.

I have this funny feeling the reason the economy is so bad off right now has more to do with individual choices and corporate corruption then anything the government did. The bail out bad idea...now they are helping hurt the economy, but everyone that lives in a house they can't afford and has maxed out credit cards they are the problem not an administration.


You have no clue if you think it was simply the bush administration and this is just the past 8 yrs.

and yes socialism does completely go against the heart of what america is. but we have been slowly being forced in that direction for years.

I don't see things in black and white actually, and I am quite well educated so ignorrance wouldn't be the correct terminology.

And I do hope he doesn't enter the white house with the same stances he used in Chicago as a state senator, I pray for our country that he has a great presidency.

But I have to come to learn not to always expect the best from people, so I also prepare myself for multiple outcomes.

sorry not a psychic or prophet don't know what is going to happen.


oh and your right pelosi, reid and frank won't try to get these socialistic policies through, they have no vested interest in it.


Yes, I am an independent who voted for ronnie reagan to get rid of Jimmy,my memory goes back to when he and his backer's,that are the same idea's behind Bush1& 2,put into play their theories that started the downfall of the area that i live in.I guess it all depends on what part of the country you are from and what you do for a living.I know a lot of tax paying, working people who have been hurt by reaganomics over the last 28 yrs. Also come to think of it thing's started a down trend when he was Gov. in cali. when i lived there toward the end of his term in office.Even Mitt Romney admitted to my surprise when he was running for rep. nominee,that we dont want to continue reganomics like bushy boy and his old man did.Star Wars anyone???? Iran Contra, drugs for weapons Etc.


No one you know has been hurt by reaganomics. You don't even know what it is.


Gee Golly You Betcha!! Tell us all about it!