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Obama Names Transgender Appointment


Why the hell do we have to "celebrate" this??? What will we celebrate next, the first guy to openly practice zoophillia as the secretary of state???


This guy is so creepy.


Pretty sure this is offensive on all sorts of levels. Being transgender is NOT in any way comparable to being some sort of sexual deviant. It has NOTHING to do with sex and I'm offended that it's been equated to any sort of sexual deviance.


You know what I find creepier a transgender appointee?

A guy that posts under mulitiple names on one webforum, HH.


Hell yeah it's deviant! A man changing himself into a woman or vice versa means you have sometype of mental illness. And how has it nothing to do with sex when it involves changing your sex?


LOL, you nut.


It has to do with gender identity and not sexual activity (which is what i was referring to as sex)

Mentally she is a "she."

Generally, those who are transgendered are born as a sex but relate to the other sex. And, in childhood even, know that they were meant to be a different way. They are not mentally ill. It's genetics and I would assume that people who use T-Nation could appreciate the wonders of genetics.

I'd imagine that you've probably looked in the mirror at some point and thought, "That guy is not me, I wish I was more muscular, or I wish I hadn't gotten this haircut, or I wish I had blue eyes, or I wish my nose was smaller, or I'm not meant to sit at a desk all day." or something along those lines. It's the same for them, only they can't work out, or get a new job.

I do understand unwillingness to open your mind to this though. But I've seen this sort of closed mindedness hurt people and I think we should all strive to be better.


Well i'll still call she a he if she was born with a penis.


Not PC for a reason.


Trannies are disgusting, I am genetically predisposed to going to town on them with a baseball bat.

However, the amount that this man is offended, makes me think he is probably in the closet or something lol.


Not in the closet, but my dad is a clinical therapist and I've heard a fair number of stories. Also, I had a likeable friend of a friend who is gay go to a party where nobody knew he was gay and then get beat into surgery after a couple of bigger guys at the party were told. He broke several bones because of intolerance. I just figure everyone should do their part to stop as much intolerance as possible, cause there's no reason to get hurt.

And why is it necessary to "go to town on them with a baseball bat?" They're humans who wanna be happy, like you...


Not saying I would beat them with a baseball bat. I've been around 2 trannies, and that is how I've felt. Their smell is what truly offends me, it is confusing to the senses if they are undergoing hormonal surgery, and make something subconscious and instinctual make me want to kill them.

I don't act on that, but I think you're dilluting yourself, if you don't acknowledge that many men feel basically uncomfortable or angry towards trannies.

I don't think this feeling is entirely culturally based.


I believe that feeling (which I used to experience) is based almost solely on fear. Probably just fear of the unknown, but maybe something else.

I also believe that if my mind and existence started in a female body, I would've had a troubling childhood and rough life until I was allowed to "become" male.


I honestly don't care enough to try to change the medical definition of the disorder.

My estimation though, is just because people do crazy ish, does not make it a valid thing. In the same way we can argue day and night whether or not there is or isn't a soul. We can also argue whether gender is determined by physical characteristics, socialization or some sort of 'mind-gender.'

I don't know, and I don't science has much empirical evidene to prove the point either way.
What I do know is there are people who also think they are leopards or birds. They are in insane asylums.

Or closer to home, if I went to the Doctor and said, I feel I am meant to be more masculine, a veritable werewolf of a man...give me male hormones! They would discredit my desire as not socially acceptable. But if I said, I WANT BITCH TITS, I WANT TO BE A FEMALE, GIVE ME A VAG, LOWER MY TESTERONE! Obama would give me a damn job!

I think that we should focus on confronting that hypocrisy, rather than debating the veracity of transexuality or not.

For me, all that matters is...was he/she the most qualified candidate? Probably not, her oddity was to get Obama political points from the left.

In this case I disagree with it.


At my brother's old work, they had this last-minute meeting before, and no one knew what it was about, everyone was pretty curious.
Turns out it was about some guy, let's call him Jason, and that coming Monday, he would be known as Janice from now on.

I met this other transgender before, Mercedes, and yeah, it's mental illness man. If you can give them hormones and surgeries to turn them into a female(or vice versa), then why not do the opposite and give them the hormones that they're missing so they can feel more male/female? Same fucking thing, it's just an imbalance of hormones that's causing them to feel out-of-place.

Btw, I don't call them he or she, I call them it, because they've simply become things to me.
True females don't have inside out cocks for pussies.


No. Mentally HE is a sick freak.


Yeah well violent criminal insanity is a sad fact of life, maybe lithium would help?


You are genetically predisposed to live your life in a cage only being let out to carry heavy shit for your betters.


It could have been worse. Obama could have appointed a female.


Well we have to pretend and be politically correct and say its just another alternate lifestyle.