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Obama Murders Poor Defenseless Fly


What an asshole.

It's a joke guys. Just having some fun. :slightly_smiling:


Barack Obama can clack with his teeth!
POTUS took a shit!
Mr. President scratched his crotch!

AWESOME...I mean how disgusting. The media are in absolute AWE of Obama - I blame Bush, because he was such an uncharismatic douche!


No they just said he was. If they showed Obama speaking without a teleprompter, mumbling as he does. Looked for every mistake and gaffe and drilled him about it, he would also be a douche without charisma.


The first thing I thought when I saw that was that Obama was going to piss off PETA...



No, the problem was he was too charismatic for his own good without the intelligence to use it wisely.