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Obama Killed a Fly. Peta is Mad


PETA is damn serious huh.



I suspect PETA is a plant from an anti-animal rights organisation.


The fact that Obama swatting a fly is getting news coverage is, on its own, fucking ridiculous and idiotic.

Also, PETA can go suck off a goat.


PETA are full of idiots. I was in class with a member last year and the girl could hardly string a sentence together let alone come up with a logical argument so it's no surprise that they're so damn angry about a fly.

We're top of the food chain here if PETA want to go to the bottom and see if any animals give a damn about their welfare then good luck to them!


"PETA is sending President Barack Obama a Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher, a device that allows users to trap a house fly and then release it outside."

They cant be serious. Fuck a bug, there's more of them then us.


What I want to know is how those slackers in the secret service permitted a fly to enter Obama's hemisphere!


he's quick

I wasn't aware that flies were considered animals

i guess they are in the kingdom animalia. . . but come on guise..


Old "Chopsticks" Miyagi. Was a well known problem to PETA.



I watched this as it happened and half jokingly thought to myself, "Watch...PETA is going to get all pissy about him swatting the fly."



PETA = Failing miserably at life.


where is a suicide bomber when you need one? (for PETA)


Obama had to send a message out

all these little flys buzzing around his head will get swatted. watch yo back kim jong il!


Next, PETA will be knocking soap and showers for the billions of germs murdered on a daily basis.


I've wondered for some time now if PETA gives a damn about prokaryotic beings.


I hope all the leaders of PETA get covered in ticks. I'd be interested to see how they reacted.


Some of these PETA nut-jobs seriously believe the world would be a better place without people. They literally hate humanity. The logical extension of their philosophy is that they should all commit suicide and stop contaminating the planet.


PETA is ridiculous, they hit a new low with this bitching of Obama killing a fly.


Well, if Obama is pissing off PETA, he can't be that bad, eh? Who pissed in their Wheaties to make them complain about something as incredibly stupid words can't describe it. I say kill all the fucking bugs!


I wasn't given canine teeth to rip bark off of trees.


Now I'm no PETA member, but in terms of the environment, the world probably would be a better place if we weren't here. Likewise, I don't generally kill bugs (except mosquitos and roaches) but that's because I feel sorry for them, does that mean I'm too compassionate?

But the only thing I thought when I saw Obama do that was "damn, that's not easy and he got it in one try, impressive." And I also noted that he cleaned up the bug himself after the interview.