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Obama: 'Israel Must Restore1967 Borders'


Boy does this tell us where this guy's head's at


What an idiot.

This is like france demanding we give back texas to mexico. or something else asinine.


Read what was said:

"...The United States' commitment to Israeli security is "unshakable...."

"...the Israeli's right to defend itself will remain paramount..."

"...He (the President)also publicly rejected attempts by the Palestinians to gain recognition for their own state before the United Nations. "Symbolic actions to isolate Israel at the United Nations in September won't create an independent state," Obama said.

The border announcement,which came toward the end of the president's 50-minute speech, was arguably the most significant statement in an address otherwise devoted to underscoring U.S. support for the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.

Three points:

1) The President is not throwing ANYONE "under-the-bus".

2) Isreal will do whatever is in the best interest of her own Security (as it should).

3) The President's AND U.S.'s support is, and ultimately will be, behind Isreal.



In the last couple of weeks he's lost the law and order vote (inviting a cop hating rapper to white house). And now he's lost all of the jewish liberal vote that helped get him elected. I'm beginning to think that the republicans might actually have a chance to oust this idiot.


Wow, a post where you're defending Obama. I've never seen that before.


Wow, a post where you're calling Obama an idiot. I've never seen that before.



Let me ask you this.

If it is okay to publicly criticize israel to this extent, how to you feel about public criticism of groups like hamas. I mean if Obama were to come out and state literal facts about Hamas, would you be okay with that? Certainly Hamas is much more deserving of criticism no?


1) Fatah and Hamas are officially recognized by the U.S. as terrorist Groups.

2) The President has criticized them both publicly, and on more than one occasion.

So I don't see your point.



When? got links?


But at least I don't pretend to be in the middle :wink:


Well Israel needs to do one of two things. Either give the land up, or completely over take it and make it just plain Israel. It's this noncommittal semi occupation that's killing the situation. Give it up or take it over. I actually support either.


Fatah is NOT 'officially recognized by the U.S. as (a) terrorist group' unfotunately.

Obama has set a precedent here referring to non-existent 'pre-1967 borders' and demanding they be restored.


Of course it was tacked on at the end. It's pretty controversial.

I am very interested to see the polling in Florida (a crucial, high-electoral vote swing-state with a strong Jewish population) over the next couple of days in reaction to this.

I think was a misstep, both substantively and politically.


There is merit to what you're saying here Pat. I am neither a great fan nor a great critic of Israel. To me she's just another nation doing what is in her best interest and along the way has been our ally in that region. My point with this thread was the boneheaded idea that Israel might ever do this and if we know they wouldn't then why say this out loud at all? It IS idiotic.

I agree this floating policy has been counterproductive for everybody including Israel herself. I too really wouldn't care which way she went.


Give it up to whom?


Absolutely, I would be very surprised if there were not a large Jewish backlash from this announcement. But this is vintage Obama, he's an ideologue if nothing else.


Obama is repeating Chamberlain's mistake regarding the Sudenland and Hitler.

Recall Hitler brought up phony land claims, muddied the situation long enough, incited violence among the ethic Germans and then Chamberlain got "peace in his time" by giving the land to Gemany.

It's the same nonsense here: this is not about land -- the arab claims to JUDEA and SUMERIA are weak both historically and recently -- the arabs only having obtained the land by killing the Jewish occupants priot/during WWII and, 20 years later, the Israelis getting (most) of their land back in 1967. (Leaving the "Jewish Quarter" of East Jersualem in the hands of the arabs, to give you an idea of how absurd the arab claim is.)

Anyway, the agenda of the arabs is not land, not peace, it's GENOCIDE.

The leader of Hamas said that today, that their goal of "ridding the world of Jewish vermin" was "one step closer today."

It's basic Jewish Genocide 101, and Haman, er, Obama, has taken the side of the killers.


Yes, Obama critizes, but, WHAT HE DOES is give billions of aid to genocidal killers who celebrate 9/11 in the steet.




This whole israel/palistine conflict is one part of politics/Foreign Affairs I never understood. Does anybody know any good places I can read up on this? I never understand why U.S. supporting Israel or not supporting it is such a big deal.