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Obama Is Right: Not Releasing Photo


Too many times we all get lost in partisan bickering. I want this to be one of those times that we all pull together as Americans.

I want to give kudo's to President Obama for following through with the killing of Usma Bin Laden. And also for not sharing the (what must be) gruesome photo's of his dead body with the world. This would just incite more violence against US citizens. Two good moves by the President.

Thoughts on keeping the photo's from public view?


If showing a picture supposedly incites hatred then killing innocent women and children with needless wars does what exactly...?

Give me a break.

Governments lie. They cover their lies up with more lies, ad infinitum. Am I really the only PWI contributor that believes this?


Well, you're the most cantankerous one.


It would serve no purpose. Conspiracy theorists wouldn't change their minds, so what is the point? They and their requests should just be ignored.


Conspiracy theorists wouldn't bother asking to see photos in the first place because they are skeptical of things their governments "share" with them.

I agree the photo serves no purpose.



I only come at forum members with ideas -- that is, until I am met with condescension or rudeness.

My arguments are either sound or they are not. I am willing to discuss and revise them.


Why not share ? We see the clips of the airplanes hitting the towers, we see news footage of people burning the US flag in other countries, we see countless movies/documentaries/eye witness stuff of JFK getting assasinated et....

Or are we scared at retribution for showing this?


Good thread Zeb. We all take hard lines most of the time and it's easy to forget that despite differences, we are all in this together.


Thanks smh, if you play your cards right I will straighten out your twisted thinking and make a success out of you :slight_smile:


lol you can try all you like.


There's not too many threads where I agree with Zeb and Sloth. I agree, there are too many times that we forget that we are all in this together. Good thread Zeb.



We're altogether?

Can I decline to be with people who do not get it?

You guys are simpletons.


As soon as I go to bat for you ya gotta go do sumthin like this. Come on man. I mean it when I say I believe you are an intelligent guy, but you have this one big room in your mind that just defies intellectual discipline.


Meh, feel free to ignore me.

Call it a market correction.


Everything from publishing a cartoon to blinking 'incites more violence' in the Islamic world.


I'm glad Osama is dead. though I think its unfortunate that he wasnt able to stand trial.

Before anybody jumps my shit, No, I'm not saying he had any defense or might have been found innocent.


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Good move on the Pres. for not sharing the photo. The only positive from sharing it would be satisfying conspiracy theorists, and that's a maybe since these guys generally don't let go of their opinion. The negatives from sharing it are many (appearing to gloat, inciting more hatred/possible violence against troops abroad, etc).

As for sharing the photo so that it will convince extremist Muslim terrorists around the world... trust me, they will find out their communication lines, even if they deny his death publicly.


I wish they would show it. But this is for me is deals with the greater problem of the lack of wartime footage shown on tv in America.

Its sad how America can't be shown the causalities of war on the TV. It feels like we are always being coddled by the media. Maybe if people saw the horrors of war they wouldn't be so quickly to want wars or wish another person harm.

For some people this is their daily life seeing warfare and in America we arn't even given the option of seeing life through their eyes.


Zeb- mark this day off because I'm going to agree. Showing these pictures would just incite the arab world to more violence that we don't need- rubbing their faces in it, if you will.

I think this is a classy move by the president (any president) and I'm glad he's not showing them. we did not have pictures of Yamamoto on hand, but we knew he was dead when the navy said they got him.

I'd like to think that even if it was W, I would say the same thing- that these pics should be kept to the government.