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'Obama is a Racist'-Glenn Beck


Okay, I've never really been a fan of Fox News in the past, but this was just ridiculous. I've been watching more and more shows like the O'reilly Factor and Fox and Friends, and the more I watch them the more my blood pressure rises. I'm wondering what people think of this and if this trend in the separation of left and right ideals is becoming dangerously pronounced. If people actually support Beck on this one, this seems an ominous sign of the role of political ideas affecting our social structure. To me, this clip shows deep seeded distrust, hatred, and almost outward aggression from the conservative media rather than one mans opinion of the president.


Dude, Glenn Beck is just looking for ratings... He's a shock artist, people hate him and love him and it gets him viewers and $$.


Almost as vicous as Olbermann and Garofalo in the liberal media.


Sure, I wouldn't pretend to say that guys like Maher or whatever are responsible. What i am contending is that the shows these men put on can only be interpreted one way. You can't be a respected journalist and make these kinds of statements, and i believe that this one just about tops them all.


I know, and it deeply sickens me. For god sakes the friekin media is a working part of our social structure and government! if this man isn't fired for just throwing around the term "racist", it signifies either a general lack of mindfulness in the American population or a cultural collapse. People actually watch and listen to him thinking their getting "the news"!!!


No disagreement - but he is not, nor is he pretending to be, a respected journalist.


I don't know, painting Michele Steele as some sort of self-loathing Uncle Tom is at least a tie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7_RNc0xA0A


I didn't see the clip. Couldn't really care less what Glenn Beck said. What, he said Obama was a racist?

I can't imagine how responding differently and quite negatively to arrest of black man for going postal after a cop was just doing his job than he would to a white man being arrested for the same thing which happens every day, as the most recent example; sitting under Rev Wright for 20 years and having his children to listen to that as well; calling his grandmother "a typical white person" in saying she would just automatically react with fear on seeing a black person; entitling his first book "Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance'" and accusing McCain of using race against him could possibly suggest Obama has race pervasively on his mind and judges people and cases differently according to race.

How could anyone come to a conclusion like that? Obama is the most color-blind man I've ever seen on the public stage.

Schlenkatank, you are a fine modern liberal, or if you feel you are not one, you'd make a fine one in this regard. You clearly cannot stand expression of thoughts you disagree with.

Now, a liberal saying Bush was a racist, or McCain was or Romney was or whoever, I cannot imagine you'd be so outraged. Such expression would be fine. You might even do it yourself.

I rather doubt you were calling for firings over people expressing opinions such as that Bush had the New Orleans dikes bombed because he hated black people, for example. You probably smiled, as a guess.

But that an unfavorable opinion could be expressed of your Messiah: Oh, that is HATE! It makes your blood pressure RISE! It is OMINOUS! It is OUTWARD AGGRESSION! He should be FIRED!

Yes, nothing like the modern day liberal and his "tolerance" for expression or even possession of opinions he doesn't agree with.

Boo-hoo, an opinion was expressed that you don't agree with. The person responsible should be fired.


Glenn Beck became a Mormon just to bang his wife, what a fucking shill this guy is.


so you disagree?


I will join you in starting a movement to secure the immediate termination of Henry Louis Gates for screaming racism on a well respected police officer with a spotless record, a police force, a neighborhood and a country in a situation where clearly none existed. He is an educator in one the nations most prestigious schools. Certainly we can't tolerate that.

Glen Beck does not profess to be a newscaster as far as I've ever heard.


I disagree that such a temper tantrum should be thrown, complete with demands for firing, over expression of an opinion different than one's own.

As for whether Obama is a racist, my personal opinion on that depends on how one defines the word. As many define it, no. As many others define it -- on whether if all else is equal, are his decisions on people or regarding what should done regarding them different according to their race? -- then yes, undoubtedly.

There are many situations where I am sure the exact same situation could be provided to Obama but with skin colors reversed, and that would reverse his take on the matter.

In this most recent example, he wouldn't have called the police stupid, let alone on the national stage, for arresting a man for disorderly conduct for running out into the street after a police officer yelling at him, making a public scene, and reportedly being threatening, had it been anything but white officer, black man.

He had to know the skin colors: then he made his corresponding decision.

Many have definitions of racism that do not include race-determined decisions as being racist when it is in the direction that they consider good. Myself, I believe that a person's race, color, or ethnicity should have nothing to do with what you think about them or how you decide their case: when you do make that a factor let alone the controlling factor, by my use of the words, that is employing racism in your decision making or judgments of people.

Probably Schlenkatank will be calling for me to be fired now for expressing an opinion he doesn't agree with. (If not, why not?)


I think that's a fair assessment. I've heard the crap that liberals ahve said for 30 + years in this country, and calling this a guy a racist isn't even close to most of the drivel that has been thrown out there.

I'd agree with how you put on whether he is or is not a racist. Using ole time liberal standards, he definitely is.


lol. You came to the right place. People 'round here been callin' Obama a racist since they learned he was black! (did we mention he is not really an American?). This is where that PRcal creature really shines. He was calling Michelle a racist forever. I'm sure he'll be along shortly to defend this, as others have already started to.


hrmmm, kind of a passive aggressive post here. "Oh i didn't even watch the clip because I'm cool like that, but I'll flame you for being something I despise in a classically ironic post that supports the OP's point!"

I understand what you're trying to say, however what I'm ultimately saying is what your post demonstrates rather blatantly: Our society is split down the middle, and this trend is helped by men like Beck. He has every right to formulate his opinions however weakly he chooses, but it doesn't change the fact that his words are hurtful. A reputable News Network with a strong cultural effect should not hire him.

As for your somewhat personal remarks I'll say this: I'm a young man who is strongly inspired by my own personal convictions which I feel our grounded in honest intentions. Sometimes, it is helpful to have this attitude when confronted with ignorance or outward violence like I feel was demonstrated. Sometimes, It leads me away from peaceful actions. However, don't try and tell me that I don't understand that communication and collaboration is an art of self discipline and harmony. That's why I made this thread.


Since a substantive reply wasn't possible, you had little choice but to rely on the ad hominem approach.

Wrong on at least 2 counts. My post didn't support your point, and your suggested reason for why I didn't watch the clip is wrong. Rather it is for the reason I stated. I don't care what he said. And it doesn't matter. I take your word for it that he said Obama is a racist.

My reply is to YOUR response, not to Beck.

Whatever Beck said, you clearly are intolerant of his expressing an opinion you don't agree with. His doing so had you writing a post not far short of frothing at the mouth, being highly condemning of his making any such statement, and of it being aired, and even calling for him to be fired.

It's clear you think that networks should prevent statements you don't like, regarding a politician or perhaps other things, from being aired. And you believe those that make such statements that you don't like should be fired.

But let me guess, this is quite selective. There are other people that could be criticized in various ways, including as racists even if some thought that incorrect, and if that were blocked from being aired you'd be quite upset at the censorship. I can imagine your indignation if a network had such protection in place for a politician you despise. But politically correct censorship that agrees with your feelings, that is something you certainly appear to think should be in place, and you condemn a network for not blocking this opinion you don't like, or having in their employ anyone who ever expresses such an opinion on the air, as opinion.

No, it's caused by those like you who are totally intolerant of others having or expressing opinions different than your own, who go off the wall as you did when that happens.


Oh and Bill, when Kanye West accused George Bush of being a racist on live T.V. I had the exact same reaction. Somehow the idea of Cultural Icons that make 30 million a year accusing respectable men of being RACIST deeply.....deeeeeply sickens me. Beck will probably make 35 next year, Kanye's sales on his next album were through the roof after he made his comment.


So regarding that network, you proceeded to conclude and to tell people or post that not only did you disagree with Kanye West (fine to disagree with a person's opinion, that isn't my point) that its being aired on showed "deep seeded distrust, hatred, and almost outward aggression from [that network]?"

I'm guessing (but do not know) you did not, and I'll bet you did not call for whatever companies pay Kanye West to fire him. But who knows, maybe you did. If so then that is consistent. Though rather than applaud it, I'd disagree with the overreaction and the basic premise.

Second, if you did -- if you did go postal about that being expressed same as you did here -- it doesn't change my point that you're clearly intolerant of opinions you disagree with being expressed. It would simply be a second case.

I think it's a lot more reasonable, and is my own take, to just conclude that for example when Kanye West said that, he was making an idiot of himself. If wanting to post that he's a moron for having that opinion, fine! But not to come to big sociological conclusions, let alone conclusions about the wrongness of that having been allowed to be aired instead of bleeped or what have you, callings for firings, or otherwise going postal. People have opinions. A lot of them we will disagree with. Some of the opinions are stupid. Some of the ones we disagree with, who knows, perhaps 5 years frow now we will agree with. Though not when they are stupid, hopefully. :slight_smile:

I heard Glenn Beck on the radio once when driving out of town a few years ago: nothing else was on. It wasn't that he said anything stupid -- it was just a lot of seeming worked up over things that didn't remotely merit it -- but I just didn't care for the guy, and so haven't ever watched his show.


Dude you are so Ironic. I'll read this tomorrow, but what I'm trying to say is that America is segregated by hatred while you tell me I'm a flaming idiot liberal. I'm reaching out and you are biting me on the hand (which is frusterating and immature). Please don't tell me what I'm trying to say, it's Ad something or other... I'll remember when I sleep, i'm very tired.

By the way what he said was," Obama has a deep seeded hatred for white people, and has show again and again and again to be a SOB... he's a racist" or similar. I think this would typify the type of intolerant behavior your talking about wouldn't it? It's a violent hateful comment that's very ungrounded (i.e. he was raised by his white mother, has multiple white cabinet members, etc)

Can you at least see the irony in that you're insulting me while telling me I'm an intolerant bastard??? I don't think you have a helpful place in this discussion, unless you actually want to talk with me about any of the issues above^.


With the whole Gates thing, how can we think Obama is anything but a racist? I have to agree with Glenn Beck on this.