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Obama Doesn't Salute Flag


What does this say about Barrack?


Maybe it was the singing that did it to him? hah

Seriously though. I'm Canadian, so I don't necessarily understand this. Why is this of any importance whatsoever? It's not like he was covering his ears and screaming or anything.


It OBVIOUSLY means that he's a cyborg implanted in American society by the Chinese/Russians who are actually being controlled by the Illuminati some 40 years ago in order to start THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!1!


First thing he's done I can agree with.

Symbolism is is dumb and only ignoramuses take it seriously.


I can clearly see how man really is, for the most part, a lower animal.


Why would he? It wasn't the Kenyan flag. Heeeeeyooooo!


Day old news for $200 please.........


US law states: all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart;


However, not everyone realizes that this is the proper protocol and sometimes people get confused with the protocol observed during our worship of the flag when the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Go to a sporting event in the US and you'll see thousands of people not putting their hand over their heart during the National Anthem.


I only pretend to sing and do all that hoopla when yankees are around, otherwise it's useless.


But as a leader of the country you love and want to nurture it, is your obligation to care and yes follow mindless procedures. Blatantly not doing it betrays the persons true feelings in it. You don;t have to like it. Yes, you CAN fake it and probably should out of respect for everyone that died to create the best society on the planet.

Noone said we don't have any problems but still, we are the beacon of hope and progress in this world. And easily millions have died to keep it, maintain it and defend it. That's why I would do it. And i am foreign born, but yet consider myself an American. Ironic when foreign born people can at least look more patriotic then our president.


[quote]Gregus wrote:
Yes, you CAN fake it and probably should out of respect for everyone that died to create the best society on the planet.

Wait, why would you want to salute the American flag to celebrate Switzerland?


Nudge Nudge, wink wink.


Im not Swiss. lol.


Well no, but we all know that when it comes to "bestest society" points, the Swiss rule.

After all, this can be objectively determined and the Swiss have at least 123 points on my BS meter whereas the US barely has three digits.


The WOD costs you at least 15 points, and Celine Dion another 5.


Naah, overall noone beats the good old USA.

Some places do have components that are better then what we have here. But overall America is where it's at. I hope it stays that way.


Or maybe it was just an honest mistake?

It would be one thing if he sat down or dropped his pants and mooned the audience but you're whining about his hand placement.


More like him just being honest.