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Obama: Change We Can Believe In



I've been away for a while and wanted to first congratulate the dems/communists/America Haters on obama's win.

Included, but, not limited to: pox, jlesk, vroom, orion, and reckless.

For the Good Guys, I wanted to start a thread to catalogue the various failures of obama.

Why do this?

First, a little payback is in order after eight years of vitrolic invective against GWB.

Second, the MSM does a horrible job of either reporting or following up on stories that don't conform to their leftist agenda.

Failures up to now: 1. geithner (Treasury Secretary not paying taxes.

  1. tom daschle: (Health and Human Services/ultimate insider) Not paying Taxes.

  2. blago: (obama claiming his staff didn't have contact with him) emmanuel anyone?

  3. Pork. The stimulus package.

  4. Mr. Bipartisan. (No Republican House Votes).

  5. Oath of Office (Imagine W. interrupting the Chief Justice. Imagine the response from the left.)

That's off the top of my head.



Welcome back, Jeff!

We've come a long way since you were last here. We now accept that any people who would vote for such an obvious con artist deserve exactly what they get.

Obama said: "Yazzuh boss!" to Nancy, who proceeded to use her 'strap on' to show him who's boss and who REALLY was going to write the Stimulus bill. She's done, got her jollies, and now its Harry Reid'd turn to ride the black pony.

Again, welcome back, bro!!!


Welcome back JeffR, seen Vroom posting in some other threads, it will almost be like old times.


Hey, HH and Aussie.

Good to see you both.

I'm glad we've moved along!!!!

Aussie, with my new account, vroom isn't on the ignore list. Let's see what happens when he joins the discussion.

I'll bet HE hasn't evolved much. I'd love to be proven wrong.

Let me add to the obama screw ups.

  1. Roland Burris. Initially, the democrats tried to show some semblance of political honesty. That cracked when obama had a little sit down with reid/pelosi.

obama should have found a way to have a state-wide vote. He should have come out strong against the appointment to AT LEAST give the dem leadership some political cover against "racism."

Nope, obama was more interested in getting this "quieted down" prior to his "coronation."


I don't know...I am not out to nit-pick the guy, but I will say whats on my mind, including when he does things I like.

I'd rather just state the truth but not belabor points. I think the guy is a skeez, but I don't want to witch hunt the guy, because that only makes me look bad.

I don't think you'll have trouble finding ammunition for he has plenty of flaws. More importantly, his basic tenants and ideology are flawed, so anything that stems from that will likely be flawed as well.

The problem with Obama is he believes in his ideology, where Clinton didn't care so long as he got to be in power. I don't like principled people when all their principals are flawed.


But if I would hate your government, it would be for its warmongering liberalism.

I admit though that simple liberalism would be nice for a change, like those nice Scandinavian countries that only enslave their own people.

I know that that must be confusing for you, but I can hardly lose half of my brain capacity just so that your convoluted and bizarre world view makes any sense.


You're obviously a terrorist who hates America.


Pot smoking atheist terrorist who hates America.


Why use just the top? There's obviously plenty of empty space inside.


F'in' Hippies!


I am a pot smoking theist who loves the shit out of America.


I can tell the conversations in here are going to be objective and without bias...I can't wait.


F'in' Hippies.


pookie, I apologize for not including you in the list of miscreants.

I'd say I've missed you, but, that would be a gross exaggeration.

Let me translate the American Hating/leftie line of "you're dumb." It simply means that the person in question doesn't buy the kumbyaa, sappy soundtrack blaring in the background, smelly, long-haired, physically pathetic inspired, give communism another try nit-wittery.



Hey, there. Look what the cat dragged in.

You are in real trouble here, orion. We've just elected the furthest left guy in recent memory.

He thinks your way of life has merit.

He'll grovel to the lowest common denominators on the planet. That includes you.

Instead of acknowledging that he has most of the aces, he'll play down to the competition.

You are in trouble because I guarantee you'll STILL be as Anti-American as ever.

Everyone please watch.

Remember the "I only hate the American Government" is just a smokescreen for a massive inferiority complex.




You have to admit, it's easier being the party out of power.

I know what you are trying to say: Let's not lower ourselves to the level of the BDS sufferers.

I don't think we could ever get that low. I can't imagine us using American casualties as a method to undermine the US in a time of war.

If obama starts a conflict, even if I disagree with it, I'm not going to stoop to that level.

Off the top of my head: I also won't spend time laughing that he choked on a pretzel.

Therefore, I don't think we are in any danger of being BDS.

Let's just point out the massive number of screwups.



Good for daschle withdrawing his name. I don't see where obama was pressuring him to withdraw. Does anyone have any info?

At this point, since he didn't pressure Geithner, it seems like daschle did so on his own.

Oh, add to the list: Nancy Killefer withdrew today due to payroll tax issues.

That makes three of Mr. Ethics' appointments to have tax issues: geithner, daschle, and now killefer.

Change we can believe in!!!


Please read that article. Seems like even the leftie mouthpieces are starting to get nervous.



This is a fatal oxymoron. Objectivity, as far as that's possible, will lead immediately into biases for and against a whole list of viewpoints assuming any thinking is being done whatsoever.

Nothing is stoopidder than saying "here's my view, but other opposing views might be just as correct" when it comes to politics and religion.

Views worth holding at all are worth holding absolutely.


Well said.

Update: obama admitted today that he didn't pressure daschle to withdraw.

Therefore, obama is responsible.



Yes I am pissed at the ignorance of the so called ?enlightened? liberals.

  1. First Kool-aid lie: Bush lied, people died???It?s on record dummies, maybe NANNY will help you find the quotes of all the democrats from 1998-2001 who were ranting about Saddam?s WMD?s, nuke program, support of terrorists, and the grave threat to the US he was.

Ask a common sense question: Who lied, hyped or cherry picked intelligence to convince those liberal Democrats BEFORE Bush was elected?

  1. Clinton left us with a 500B surplus: Clinton left nothing but stains on the carpet, it was the Republican controlled Congress and the Contract With America that left a surplus.

  2. The Government can do a better job..so just let them run everything. Have you checked out Social Security, the Education System, Medicare, and the Postal Service?

  3. Bush and the republicans are responsible for the financial crisis?Wrong again dummies?it?s in the Congressional records the numerous times Bush and the Republicans since 1998, tried to rein in Fannie/Freddie to stop them from making the high risk loans. They were blocked by Franks, Dodd and Schumer. Look it up, or have some one with smarts do it for you.

  4. As a disabled drunken sailor, I resent being compared to the Republicans the last eight years. a drunken sailor never spent like those idiots.

  5. Enhanced interrogation is torture?Idiots?anything short of maiming, killing or inflicting permanent injuries to get information that will save AMERICAN Lives is ok. Frankly anyone dumb enough to strap a bomb on his body and blow himself up to kill a few others doesn?t deserve consideration, and i would not hesitate to tie him down naked on a fire ant mound to get information. About three minutes on a fire ant bed and the sucker could remember what the camel said to the goat while in the act of conceiving him, and repeat it word for word.

  6. The Democrats ?Stimulus Package? will create jobs??Bullcrap..all that bill does is pay back for the special interest groups, especially the Unions that keep these thieves in power. Look at your states like Mich, Ny, Ca, Pa, Ma, Il, Nj, Nh, Cn, Ri, Me, all have been controlled by Democrats for years, and are so far in debt they can?t see daylight, yet the Retarded liberals keep putting the same crooks back in office.

Wake up you dumb ass liberals..NANNY can?t make any more kool-aid for you. The ONE and his cronies have stolen all of it.