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Obama Can't Win Without Pennsylvania


Something to ponder....



It will be interesting because he will also have to worry about re-districting before 2012. Since many of the swing states like PA, OH, FL, and and IN fell under Republican rule in the midterm elections, it will possibly have two effects: 1. Make the districts more Republican 2. If the Republicans screw up, make the states more likely to support Democrats


Yep - and don't think the Justice Department/Holder isn't right on top of this. See here: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/260303/abusing-voting-rights-act-hans-von-spakovsky?page=1


I would say Obama can't lose if the Republicans can't find a candidate :slight_smile:


Well, that's true. It's hard to believe that someone strong won't emerge. I pray to God that someone will.


I think the Republicans probably take the Senate this time around so I'm split on the presidential race. With a Republican/Republican Congress/White House, we ran deficit spending. With a Republican/Democrat White House/Congress we ran deficit spending. The last time we actually had a balanced budget was with a Democrat/Republican White House/Congress.

If the Republicans win Senate and Obama is re-elected, that's what we would have again. I know Obama is talking about reducing the deficit beginning in 2016, but I think a strong Republican Congress could strong arm him into doing it earlier. I'm not so sure they would strong arm a Republican president to do the same.


There is going to be considerable backlash in PA against the Republicans. They ran on making spending cuts, and then they went and cut the wrong kind of spending (education) drastically.

Unless a Republican candidate emerges that is considerably distant from the party's abhorrent policices, I'll be voting Democrat for the first time in my life. I might even go full retard and buy the "Obama Made in the USA" t shirt.


Agreed. They just cut 32 teachers in a local district last week.


U don't get it, teachers make an EXORBITANT AMOUNT OF MONEY and they have a 3 month break talk about free riding



I agree the Repulicans are going to take a spanking, hey I will sell you one of my T shirts :slight_smile:


Yeah! THATS why we can't balance our budget, all those teachers living high off the hog!


With the current lineup of Republicans, I think Obama could take a shit on the White House lawn and still win.

I think Governor Perry of Texas with Marco Rubio as VP would be an interesting lineup. Texas is the state probably doing the best in terms of job and the economy, and Marco Rubio is young and fresh and could help swing the Latino vote.

If the Reps had a decent candidate, I would not call it an easy win for Obama, but right now, if the election was today, he would win convincingly.


That may or may not be the case about the state of Pennsylvania. I imagine my new home state of Florida could be a swing state once again. I'm soon to be a registered voter there. Mailed in my paperwork for that last week.

Overall though, thought Bill O'Reilly had a good article on what is takes to understand the President, and the message that the GOP candidate will need in order for a victory to occur.

"Poverty and the President"



"For the president, social justice is all about money. And he is well on his way to bankrupting the nation in attempting to achieve it. The only cultural point that the president has emphasized is that fathers need to be held accountable in supporting their children. Otherwise, the cultural aspect of poverty does not seem to exist for Mr. Obama.

The Republican Party seems lost to define the real issue: Can the country survive four more years of a president who simply does not want to cut entitlement spending? The risk is enormous because, once re-elected, Mr. Obama can veto any spending-cut bills that cross his desk. Right now, the Democrats are scaring senior citizens into believing their present benefits will be cut if Mr. Obama and the Democrats lose. In order to counter that fiction, the GOP must scare right back. If America's debt is not arrested, the country will decline rapidly and in drastic ways.

The cold truth is that Americans will have to become more self-reliant if the country is to maintain its superpower status. Americans must begin planning for their future medical and financial needs with some government help, but not total dependence. Transitions are usually difficult, but crunch time is here. If the Republican challenger cannot persuade the voters that real danger is on their doorstep, the president will win reelection. No spin."