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Obama and the Swords


Washington Times article...


Graduating midshipmen of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis are being told in writing to leave at home or in their vehicles all "ceremonial swords" and anything else "that might be considered a weapon or a threat by screeners" for Friday's outdoor commencement ceremonies featuring an address by President Barack Obama.

Inside the Beltway has obtained the academy's list of prohibited items for this year's graduation exercises, which, besides ceremonial swords, includes umbrellas."


Libs, THIS is your leader...a man who has Naval Academy grads remove their unsharpened swords.

What in the flaming fuck is happening to this country??? (Hanging head in sheer disgust)


I understand your fury, but it isn't normal for Mids to graduate while wearing their swords. The same banned items policy existed when Bush attended the graduation and commissioning ceremony at the Naval Academy.


I doubt Obama had any input into this. These decisions are made by his security team. Hence the same applying for Bush.


Yours too, sucka.


As usual- your stupidity shines through. Do some research before you post next time. I can tell you "what in the flaming fuck is happening to this country???"- idiots like you are allowed to present distorted facts as truth.



but hey on the bright side you got your post count up by one more.