Obama and the 'Detroiting' of America

"Health Care and Detroit: Killed By Government

Obamacare will lead to an expansion of these forms of medicine:

  1. Concierge
  2. Wal-Mart
  3. ER
  4. HMO
  5. Mexican

CONCIERGE. The rich and very rich hire their own physicians. They pay top dollar. The physicians do not take third-party payments, either from the government or insurance companies. They are independent practitioners. They make house calls. The houses they call on are very large.

For the upper middle class, there are fee-for-service physicians. They take no third-party payments. They do not make house calls.

WAL-MART. These are the walk-in clinics. They are price competitive. They treat minor ailments. They sell services on a one-time basis. They take credit cards. They may or may not cater to the Medicare crowd. They are assembly-line clinics. There are no major surgeries or other high-cost, high-risk services.

ER. Large hospital emergency rooms are mandated by law. The poor get treated there. In a life-and-death emergency, they work. People who would otherwise die in a couple of hours are saved. For walk-in patients, the ERs ration by time. Patients demonstrate their patience.

HMO. This style of medicine is efficient. It cuts costs by cutting services and cutting time. You see the physician on duty. You may not have seen him before. His job is to get you in and out as fast as possible. Time is monitored by the company. Computers make this easy.

MEXICAN. This is off-shore medicine. In Canada, when you can’t get treated for months or years, you come to the United States and pay. This will not be possible for Canadians much longer, except for rich ones. Mexico will serve upper middle-class Americans as the USA has served Canadians.

Welcome to Detroit, Wal-Mart customers! Welcome!!

We need more Wal-Mart type clinics.

For example just today I’d thought I’d see if I could get a reasonable price for having my ears flushed. It’s a simple procedure that takes a PA five minutes to do, if that. But last time I went to a given walk-in clinic, they surprised me with a bill of $180.

So I went to another walk-in clinic but this time asked first what the price would be. Answer: “Well that’s a ‘procedure’ so that’s $140.”

Needless to say, this also proved to be a walk-out clinic.

A Wal-Mart type clinic could make a profit charging $35 or maybe even $25 for that.