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Obama and Acorn Plus Voter Fraud


Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is the first national candidate ever to hire ACORN, a controversial non-profit accused of voter fraud across the country, for get out the vote activities.

Obama�??s campaign paid $800,000 to a subsidiary of the liberally-leaning non-profit Association of Community Organizers for Reform called Citizens Services Incorporated campaign to increase voter turnout.

This information, however, was not properly disclosed to the Federal Election Commission. The Obama campaign said it hired CSI to do �??polling, advance work and staging events�?? according to reports submitted to the FEC during the Democratic primary.

The FEC said the Obama campaign needed to disclose ACORN was engaging in get out the vote activities last August. At the time the Obama campaign called the mistake a �??clerical error.�??

To date, ACORN has been accused of voter fraud in 15 states this election cycle.

Obama has close ties to the organization. Before becoming a member of the Illinois State Senate, Obama represented ACORN in a lawsuit to help push for �??Motor Voter�?? laws to make it easier for low-income persons to vote.

Later, as director of the Woods Fund and Chairman of the Board of Chicago Annenberg Challenge Obama helped steer funds to ACORN through various grants.

Obama sought ACORN�??s endorsement in the Democratic primary telling ACORN members, �??Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.�??

�??Project Vote�?? is the name ACORN�??s voter registration drives are called. Obama worked for Project Vote for a period of roughly seven months in 1992.

ACORN endorsed Obama for president in February 2008.


CROWN POINT, Indiana (CNN) -- More than 2,000 voter registration forms filed in northern Indiana's Lake County by a liberal activist group this week have turned out to be bogus, election officials said Thursday.

An official enters the Las Vegas, Nevada, ACORN office, which is under investigation for alleged voter fraud.

The group -- the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN -- already faces allegations of filing fraudulent voter registrations in Nevada and faces investigations in other states.

And in Lake County, home to the long-depressed steel town of Gary, the bipartisan Elections Board has stopped processing a stack of about 5,000 applications delivered just before the October 6 registration deadline after the first 2,100 turned out to be phony.

"All the signatures looked exactly the same," Ruthann Hoagland, a Republican on the board. "Everything on the card filled out looks exactly the same."

The forms included registrations submitted in the names of the dead -- and in one case, the name of a fast-food restaurant, Jimmy Johns. Sally LaSota, a Democrat on the board, called the forms fraudulent and said whoever filed them broke the law. Watch how dead people are turning up on voter registration forms »

"ACORN, with its intent, perhaps was good in the beginning, but went awry somewhere," LaSota said.

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Over the past four years, a dozen states have investigated complaints of fraudulent registrations filed by ACORN. On Tuesday, Nevada authorities raided an ACORN office in Las Vegas, Nevada, where workers are accused of registering members of the Dallas Cowboys football team. And the group has become the target of Republican attacks on voter fraud, a perennial GOP issue.

A subsidiary of the group was paid $800,000 by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign to register voters for the 2008 primaries, and ACORN's political wing endorsed Obama back in February. But Obama's campaign told CNN that it "is committed to protecting the integrity of the voting process," and said it has not worked with ACORN during the general election.

Brian Mellor, an ACORN attorney in Boston, said the group has its own quality-control process and has fired workers in the past -- including workers in Gary. But he said allegations that his organization committed fraud is a government attempt to keep people disenfranchised. Watch more about this investigation »

"We believe their purpose is to attack ACORN and suppress votes," Mellor said. "We believe that by attacking ACORN, they are going to discourage people that have registered to vote with ACORN from voting."

CNN was unable to reach ACORN officials in Gary and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the group's Indiana operation is based. Offices in both cities were empty when reporters visited.

Lake County elections officials have set aside all 5,000 of the ACORN-submitted applications in what Hoagland called the "fake pile" for later review. But she said every one will be reviewed before the election to make sure no legitimate voters are skipped.

There has been no evidence of voter fraud yet, because voters have yet to go to the polls. But elections officials say they will be sending their information to prosecutors, who will determine whether any investigation will begin.

"We have no idea what the motive behind it is," she said. "It's just overwhelming to us."



Stealing Pennsylvania: "Massive Fraud"

by Jeffrey Lord

A retired Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice says that she is "not confident we can get a fair election" in the state come November.

Justice Sandra Newman, accompanied by Dauphin County District Attorney Edward Marsico and Pennsylvania Republican State Chairman Robert Gleason, expressed her concerns at a Harrisburg press conference this morning. A thick document replete with photo copies of phony registrations and aerial shots of vacant lots used as "addresses" for "voters" was handed out to journalists.

Gleason was even more explicit.

"Between March 23rd and October 1st, various groups, including ACORN, submitted over 252,595 registrations to the Philadelphia County Election Board" with 57, 435 rejected for faulty information. "Most of these registrations were submitted by ACORN, and rejected due to fake social security numbers, incorrect dates of birth, clearly fraudulent signatures, addresses that do not exist, and duplicate registrations. In one case, a man was registered to vote more than 15 times since the Primary election."

"Voter fraud is no longer just a Philadelphia problem," Gleason said, with ACORN targeting key counties across the state. Counties specifically cited included:

  • Delaware County: One of four key suburban counties that surround Philadelphia and are at the heart of the campaign by the forces of Senator Barack Obama to carry the state. In one instance, an ACORN employee circulating voter registration forms in Delaware County was featured on the Pennsylvania "Megan's Law" website, described as having been arrested for "aggravated indecent assault" of a child. Other ACORN circulators had prior criminal records for forgery and giving false information to a police officer, among other charges. Gleason has provided copies of complaints from actual Delaware County voters who were notified by the local election board of their "new" registration to vote. One voter wrote that he "did not complete this form because this information does not match my info at all. I have been a voter for many years. Did not recently register to vote." Said another: "I did not submit any application for voter registrationâ�?�¦While the spelling of my name and address is correct, the birth date and Drivers License (sic) number are incorrect." And another angrily wrote that the "personal information" on a form submitted in her name "IS NOT ME." She added: Please have the county investigate this. I feel my identity is being compromised."

  • Philadelphia County: The situation in the state's largest city is so bad the Philadelphia City Commission, which supervises the registration of Philadelphia voters, voted unanimously to "voluntarily" turn over its extensive records to the United States Attorney's office for prosecution.

  • Dauphin County: Dauphin County (the location of the state capital) District Attorney Marsico said the situation was so bad in Harrisburg that one ACORN worker is now being sought by authorities for submitting more than 100 fraudulent voter registration forms. The charge is 19 counts of perjury. One Harrisburg lobbyist, a voter for 30 years, had received notification she had recently filled out a registration form. The lobbyist went straight to the DA with her complaint. Marsico said that what was happening with ACORN "affects the integrity of the process" and that the volume of phony registrations made him "sure that others are going on" that have been undetected.

  • Allegheny County: Pittsburgh. Here District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and county police Superintendent Charles Moffatt have just announced, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that "they are investigating and considering charges against ACORN staffers and other voter registration groups."

  • Centre County: The home of Penn State, which enrolls more than 40,000 students at its home campus. Justice Newman said there was a "massive effort" to fraudulently register students, with efforts aimed at "multiple registrations."

  • Erie County: The county at the northwestern tip of the state with its largest namesake city, here too students at local colleges are being targeted in "student registration drives" designed to register voters 18 and over "multiples of times." Student registrants, registered to vote in their home states, had "pending absentee ballot applications" submitted so they could vote for president both in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. The Director of Elections in Erie has reported the telltale "same handwriting" on applications, according to Newman.

Marsico added that he believed the attempted fraud was being perpetrated in smaller Pennsylvania counties as well, counties where the resources to investigate simply don't exist.

Perhaps most humorously was the role of 21st century technology in tracking down several attempted frauds. Through the wonder of Google, aerial shots displayed the following:

  • 2418 Curtin Terrace in Philadelphia is -- an empty field.
  • 3103 S. 24th Street in Philadelphia -- ditto.
  • 4543 N. 11th Street in Philadelphia -- ditto.

And so on. And on again.

Asked whether the Pennsylvania State Democratic Party had come forward to work with the GOP on the ACORN voter fraud issue, Gleason tersely shook his head. One source did say that much of the impetus for the fraud was "an Obama effort," as opposed to the Democratic Party as an institution.

All of this brings Pennsylvania into focus as yet another key battleground state where a serious effort is being made to, bluntly put, steal the presidency in a move reminiscent of the attempts made by the 2000 Gore campaign in Florida. Just as ACORN's efforts have been directed at key electoral states such as Florida, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico Ohio, and Wisconsin, so within Pennsylvania have its efforts been targeted at key Pennsylvania counties. For decades the internal electoral math of the state for Republicans has been to overwhelm the heavy Democratic vote in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with strong showings in the Philadelphia suburbs, Central Pennsylvania, and western counties outside Pittsburgh.

Thus have ACORN's fraud efforts -- those at least that have been detected -- been directed at Philadelphia (where increasing the Obama total to counter less enthusiastic support from white ethnics becomes critical), Delaware County in the pro-GOP Philadelphia suburbs, Dauphin County (in the heart of Central Pennsylvania) and Erie in the Northwest.

Is it really possible that the presidency could be stolen for Obama by virtue of a massive voter fraud here in Pennsylvania? And elsewhere? ACORN seems to think so. One so-called "non-partisan" ACORN member, Gleason pointed out, has been captured on video tape saying the group's objective was to "beat McCain down." Not exactly "non-partisan" sounding, is it?

Newman, the retired Supreme Court Justice, was blunt on the evidence: "I don't want a president who does this."

ACORN clearly does. Makes you wonder: why?



This actually sounds like a warmup for another round of 2000/2004 politics. Any one check to see if the members of Acorn are registered Republican? This really smells like Karl Rove. If we can't win - it is always honorable to cheat..... as long as it is for a good purpose.

Things like this and the faulty voting machines in Florida should tell you who is destined to win this election.

Gore won the popular vote but missed by a Supreme Court Justice.


This must be the seventh post by you where I cannot tell whether you're being facetious.

Are you meaning to say that ACORN has been infiltrated by Karl Rove operatives?

Please say "no" to that question.


I'm with you. I really hope he's not trying to turn this into some elaborate Republican conspiracy.


Seems like the only people wanting to go back to 200/2004 are the liberals.

I highly doubt Republicans are allowed anywhere near ACORN offices.

The left was begging for the machines after their failed attempt at stealing the 2000 election was thwarted.


This is where I live. I was in Harrisburg for a big end of summer festival on labor day and these clowns were everywhere trying to get certain types of people to register to vote. I was watching them and they NEVER approached a white clean cut adult male.

This whole thing is so fucking outrageous and there is no outcry.

For the first time on about 100 years my county has more registered Dems than Republicans and fraud is the only workable explanation.


You need to check you facts. Gore won the over national popular vote if the nations votes where counted as a whole regardless of origin. Unfortunately for Gore, the states he won only has a certain amount of delegates and that was not enough to win the election. He lost the popular vote in Florida. These are the facts, feel free to look them up.


What I cannot get over it the deafening silence from the mainstream media. If the republicans were connected to any voter fraud it would be all over the place...You would even be able to find news on the volatile economy over the loud screaming.
Ron White said it best when he said "You can't fix stupid." You can fix a lot of things, but stupidty permeates the air like a bad fart.


Which the only way they can do it is to misrepresent the actual facts. Nothing wrong or illegal happened in either election. Like it or not, Bush won fair and square.

While I don't think Bush was a terribly good president, I think if Gore were in office we'd be under Sha'ria law by now.


You forgot to mention that during that time it was the republicans who fought for a statewide recount. It was the Gore campaign that fought against a full recount and only wanted a recount in specific (heavily democrat) areas.


I doubt that Obama has any direct ties to this "fake voter drive", but I do think this is a great reason why ACORN should NOT be a beneficiary of the recent bailout plan. I think they get something like 4% right? Depending upon who is asked, they may have stood to get 20% in the original bill.


That is fucking bullshit! They should not get a fucking penny. the bail up is to help the economy not to prop up radical fringe groups!

I don't think he has direct ties to the corruption either. But he contributed to them and they contributed to him. Futher, lets not be naive, we know who the fraudulent voters were going to vote for. Imagine the scandal if those were the votes that put him over the hump!


His campaign gives them money directly. He is involved.


Bailout money or no...they are still funded by the tax payer. They have been for some time.


They gave a few hundred K to an "affiliate" for voter organization. The "affiliate" then contracted with ACORN. Obama had very close ties with ACORN in his community organizing days.

The phony registrations are just a distraction to their biggest threat. They have been, and will continue to cajole black people, that had no intent to vote, to do so for Obama. These are people that have absolutly no interest in this election and should not be voting for Obama just because ACORN claims blacks are currently under represented in gov't. That's not why someone should be casting a vote.

The other threat is actual stealing of votes. Registering dead people to vote is one thing. Showing up to cast that vote is stealing an election. Organizing early voting drives with people that shouldn't be voting is stealing an election. Enabling convicts to illegally voting is stealing an election.


Ahhh yes....stealing the election.

Only in America is it called stealing even though you won the popular vote.


Do you even understand how the voting system works? It has been explained once in this thread. Maybe before you try and act like you know what you are talking about you should actually know what you are talking about.


He would never post if he did that.


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