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Obama Admin Mistreats Secret Service


First of all, I am NOT going to post a source on this, other than to say it's a close friend who works in Washington who is definitely in a position to know this. That's it. So don't ask - I'm not going to give any information that could get HIM fired too...

So one of the "privileges" of guarding the President is that you can take your family on a tour of the White House. So one Secret Service member did (it was scheduled and everything). But Obama must have had a bad day, so he confronted the man and his family and said, "you're not allowed to be here!". The Secret Service member tried to explain, but Obama walked off in a tissy fit.

The Secret Service member was FIRED later that evening because Obama told his Chief of Staff to "get rid of that guy". As if anyone needed any further proof that Obama is a douchebag. How are you going to fuck with the people that are sworn to protect you?

I was also told in the same conversation that Joe Biden charges RENT to the Secret Service members who stay at his house... WTF!?!?!

I think this goes to show YET ANOTHER unflattering side to a miserable failure of an incompetent administration.

Again, I WILL NOT give any data about my source. I live in Arlington VA just outside of DC and I have MANY friends and acquaintances in Washington on BOTH sides of the isle. I usually try and stay out of politics because it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, but I just found this information (which I got from a CLOSE friend who is definitely in a position to know this first hand) to be totally over the top. What a fucking douchebag!

I can respect effort. I can forgive mistakes. I CANNOT abide stupid pettiness. I cannot vote for incompetency... This administration consistently demonstrates both.


Arrogance does have a really good hold on Obama.


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If this were true, the guy who got fired could speak out. I have a very close relative who works in the Diplomatic Security Service, aside from the occassional gaffe politicians have made, he's said nothing as it violates his code of conduct. In addition to this, many men have come down with PTSD and other disorders in his outfit, one of them accidentally shot a Haitian for basically no reason, yet was not terminated. As Government employees these men have great deal of protections and rights that far exceed that of even union worker.s

The President would have had to stomp on a whole bunch of those rights in contract in order to terminate that man immediately. Further, if he were terminated under such conditions he would be obligied to speak out, if he does not I believe you story has no credibility.

I'm not saying Obama isn't an arrogant douche. However, I have heard many people with 'friends who are insiders' say other crazy outlandish things, yet as someone with government agents in my own family, I have yet to hear anything other than the fact that Jimmy Carter farts excessively.

The OP's thread is baseless and may as well be disregarded as fiction until further evidence emerges.


Not surprising, I think we got a glimpse of his temper when he called cops acting stupidly, with the Harvard professor, without knowing the facts or details of the situation.

He also bypassed Congress yesterday and enacted defacto amnesty for the Latino vote. He must really be hurting since he probably broke the law by doing that, and said that he wouldn't do that.




Really now, all anyone would have to do is look at the man and how he acts and speaks and that conclusion can be easily drawn. He's had the world on a plate handed to him for one reason or another and he appreciates nothing. Fortunately he's getting his political ass kicked right now with the economy in the tank---I must say that I am getting a chuckle out of how ineffective he is as a leader. Even I didn't think he was going to be this bad. I guess arrogance doesn't work all that well when you're actually in charge of something.

The OP is a respected poster here on T Nation. I take him at his word.


OP is a respected poster only if he agrees with you. You don't take anyone at their word.


This story I believe only because I have worked with the protective detail of presidents before, which the main ones are SS but also include other agencies. One can be fired or removed from a specific post with a snap of the finger.
Also Angry Chicken hardly post these kinds of posts, it's mostly about banging girls and whatnot. It is rare to see him here.
To Rhonyn maybe he signed a contract where he is not allowed to speak out and if he does many will attack him politically. He is in a lose lose situation unless he has absolute proof of this. His arrogance is right in front of us, it is not hard to see.


Firstly how do you know this kind of stuff doesn't happen regularly i.e. across presidential terms.

Secondly you're just starting up the rumour mill with unsubstantiated allegations. You probably don't know the events in full context, if indeed they actually happened like you were told.

It's one thing to not like the President for his policies but another to attack his character. That's just sheer sour grapes without any objective evidence.


Why are you refuting me if my statement agreed with yours.
He is only respected because he favors your agenda and you are not basing your ideology in fact but more emotion.

I very much dislike Obama, perhaps even loathe him and his administration. But the Brother's cousin's sister's hearsay is a farce. Even if it is true, it cannot be proven so thus must be disregarded. There are far more important things Obama could be indicted morally, and politically for. This thread is a joke, it takes attention away from the real issues with Obama, just like the birth certificate debacle did.


No Rohnyn Angry Chicken does not usually makes this kinds of remarks. So that is what makes it different. And to getitindone his Character is already done my friend. He has none. This thread was made to show how shallow he is and it goes to show how his character is. His kind are on both sides of the aisles but when you are a leader preaching about saving jobs and that you are presenting a plan to save jobs a month away from now? Then you fire someone because you can, it reeks of stench from Michelle's thighs.
It happens all the time and this is a narcissist quality my friend.


(...Oh, boy...:(- )



I do not have reason to doubt that Angry Chicken probably believes this. I doubt that the man who told him actually witnessed it. I mean this may be 3 or 4 people removed, and at some point could be fabricated.

Assertions like these are silly because they are not proveable, and therefore aren't relevant. I will wait until the guy who gets fired comes out to even acknowledge this information. When that happens I'll believe it.

What does the man have to lose? He's out of a job. If it happened as he said, it should come out.
Assertions such as these are akin to conspiracies, 'we don't know therefore we KNOW,' ie total worthless crap.


I don't really give a fuck if anyone believes me or not. I heard what I wrote about from a trusted friend who is in a position to know. I'm not posting any links and I'm not giving any clues or hinting at who my friend is or what his job may be because it could put his career in jeopardy. I created a thread that I felt was relevant to Obama's character and I posted it in the correct forum. (And every time I post in PWI, I am reminded why I don't come here very often - shame on me, right? LOL)

The first thing I said BEFORE my "story from a mother's sister's uncle" was that I was NOT going to post links or name names. If that's what it takes for you to take a post seriously, you should have stopped reading at that point. I'm not trolling, I'm just passing along information that I felt was relevant from a source I believe is completely reliable. If I questioned the source or the quality of the information I most certainly would not have created a thread about this. I work in Washington, I live right across the river and I have a social circle that extends both high and low. Sometimes I come across some things that aren't reported, so I decided to share this time mainly because it struck me as particularly ironic that he FIRES someone on a whim while supposedly "creating jobs". That's all.





You must be confused because I've never taken you or your liberal God hating brethren at their word. But regular folks who have been around T Nation for a while? Yeah, I take them at their word until proven otherwise.


Well, if we agree than I'm not refuting you am I?

You are showing how little you know about me, but then this is a message board so I guess you wouldn't know much about anyone right? Unless you've been around a really long time and know the liars from those who are usually pretty reliable. And unfortunately there are liars on both sides. There are those on the other side politically I would take at their word.

Then we agree again.


Well then tell me should we ignore a report from CNN, or any major media outlet that says "an unnamed source says...."

Here's the answer, each bit of information carries with it a legitimacy factor. From hearing it directly from the horses mouth, to an unnamed source. You can ignore this piece of information as the op suggested, or not. But to dismiss it out of hand when it comes from a legitimate poster simply because there are no names attached would be as foolish as actually believing everything that you read on the Internet.


Well, of course this story is hearsay so I don't know if it's true or not. I know that I don't need to hear it to not respect obama. His handling of almost everything pretty much destroyed any chance at respect he had. He could treat his staff well or bad, that won't make any difference.

Honestly I am not after these guys on a personal level. I don't like obama's job as president and I want to fire him. Come '12, I will do my part to ensure a one term presidency.