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Obama a Foreign National After All???


So I heard last week that there was a lawsuit at the University of Hawaii or whatever college it was that obama attended in Hawaii and they were forced to release records to the public that showed obama receiving financial aid from being a foreign student from Indonesia. I keep waiting to hear anything about it on the news but haven't heard the faintest whisper of it. Anyone else hear anything similar yet? If so, where from?


The man who brought a lawsuit in Hawaii is Andy Martin. Here is the address for his website.


Here is an update.

Andy Martin

Executive Editor

â??Factually Correct, Not

Politically Correctâ??


(NEW YORK)(May 29, 2009) Our Hawai'i lawsuit was mentioned in a news story:


See our earlier trailer and interviews:

The full video of the Washington Birth Certificate Conference should be posted on the Internet shortly. I apologize for the delay in posting but there were, as always, budgetary problems.

The Washington Conference video will provide a valuable reference point. You can see some of the original documents at:


The Conference blog, however, is no longer active. For continuing updates, please look at:

www.ContrarianCommentary.blogspot.com, www.ContrarianCommentary.wordpress.com,


Our movie, "Obama: the Hawai'i Years," is being edited and should be ready for viewing soon. We think it is going to be a blockbuster. Lots of new insight and information from our location shooting in Honolulu. We are raising money to finish the post-production.

Please remember that while you may agree with us on Obama-related maters, we sometimes take controversial positions on other issues in the news.

Finally, more good news: We received yesterday an e-mail from the Hawai'i Attorney General. They have mailed us a package of freedom of information materials (though not the birth certificate itself). We have been pursuing these records for months. We will be reporting on the contents after the paperwork is received. The FOIA/UIPA documents were paid for by a generous contribution from an anonymous donor to the Committee of One Million (see below).

Obama document request

5/28/2009 5:50:53 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


Reply To:


The documents are being mailed to you at your New York P.O. Box 1851 address.

Our "slow but steady" approach is working. We are fighting for the facts; we are searching for the truth. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is a shame that Robert Gibbs is not committed to the same high standards. More on him later.


It doesn't matter even if true, in reference to making any practical difference.

The US Constitution also prohibits a person who has committed treason from being a Senator.

Kerry is still a Senator. I am sure if the idea of impeaching him were ever brought up, or even of having a hearing, that would be considered totally laughable and utterly out of the question by senators in general. It would never happen.

To the politicians in power, the Constitution is toilet paper.


An inconvenient truth . . . .


True. I sincerely wish that if it came out that the whole thing is true and obama was not a national born citizen that the citizens of the U.S. would cry out and impeach/imprison him. Sadly, I don't think that that would even be the case.


Nope, wouldn't matter if it were true. The man is charismatic enough to weather that storm and prevail upon public sentiment to change that POTUS requirement. If it were true (not likely).


This post belongs in the "Are Republicans Crazy" thread.

I just bumped that thread for you all :wink:


Nixon carried all but one state in 1972, and had over 60% of the popular vote. It didn't take very long for his fall out to happen as soon as the American people realized he had been lying to them. Not even democrats like to be lied to. There are enough people right now with complete and utter disdain for Obama, and enough that will jump ship when the rest of his life story comes out that he will fall every bit as hard as Nixon.

In the Obama case, if true, it would mean that he has committed a crime in every state, a felony in some (maybe all, I'm not sure) simply by putting his name on the ballot. It would only take one state to convict him.

It is clear that Obama is hiding something that would be detrimental to both his political career and personal life, given not only the birth certificate issue but the lack of most all records in general. Whether or not he is hiding his status as a natural born citizen we don't know, but at this point it seems to be the most likely explanation.


He's done so much destruction it really doesn't matter by now. I'd love to see the Kenyan spend 10 years in Leavenworth with a couple of 300 lbs horny cellmates for this, though.


No, no, no, it was nowhere near that simple.

What happened there was an absolute, all-out media full-court-press to create as much negative emotion towards Nixon as possible.

I am guessing from your picture you weren't around then, so it's understandable not being aware of that because it's not as if there are going to be a lot of articles to be found about how heavily the media was working here.

But as an example, I recall a COUNTRY MUSIC STATION where the jockey was breaking down in tears about how America had been betrayed, Nixon had lied to us all, this must be the darkest time in American history, etc etc etc. Not talk radio. Country music disc jockey between songs.

Sure, if Obama had the media so massively turn against him he'd be through too if he lied about this. Or a number of years in a row of heavy negative media bias and, though not forced to resign, his approval ratings would be in the toilet. That is the factor that has to be looked at for public opinion: not just the simple fact of whether there was a lie or not.

With there being no chance in hell of the media turning against him for it, nope, the public's reaction to a lie is not as drastic as you say.

Did "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" force Clinton's resignation?

Did Obama's whole "Most years I attended church almost every Sunday, and sure those things are on DVD's sold by the church, and of course I'm friends with various church members, but I just had no idea whatsoever that Reverend Wright preached such things! Had to have always been on days I didn't happen to be there! I never had a clue! Why, I would have been against that had I known!" schtick, which was an obvious lie, end his candidacy?

(No, that is not a literal quote, it is a summary of the situation.)

Of course not.


I disagree, but unless you are a better crystal gazer than I, all we can do is speculate. Fox news is now the most watched cable news station, and we know they aren't exactly supportive of Obama. I think this story is just big enough that the media will be forced to do the job it failed to do last fall, and we will start hearing more and more about the things that only talk-radio would touch - such as your example below.


Doesn't matter even if true. The media will never look into it and his supporters wouldn't care if he came from Mars.

Obama himself could say he was a foreign citizen and absolutely nothing would come of it. Sad state of affairs but that's the way it is in 2009.


I think there is evidence to support it.

Till now, I do not believe there has been a major-party Presidential candidate in the last few decades who has not not only been open about all records regarding his past, but has made a point of it. For example, every candidate that I can think of in recent times threw open his private medical records. It was just considered part of running for President that keeping such things as educational and medical records private was out of the question, simply not done.

That's why we had stories about Bush's GPA, Kerry's GPA and so forth.

Obama broke with all precedent by having his educational records sealed as well as his medical records, including restricted access to his birth records.

How was that not a story? A big story?

Even if there were nothing in there, how is a candidate breaking with all precedent and sealing such things not exactly the sort of thing that would ordinarily having the media very, very loudly questioning and digging and demanding to know why?

That didn't happen with Obama. There was certainly no demanding drumbeat from the media making the public question why that was happening.

So there's a track record of the media avoiding making him look bad.

As for citing Fox, I'm sorry but it is paranoia of some liberals to imagine that Fox News is some arm of the Republican Party and is out to "get" Democrats. Just not the case. Of course some individual highly questionable and properly-newsworthy acts will be pointed out, that should be pointed out, that other networks may choose not to bother with if it's a Democrat that might look bad in the process, but that hardly means a mission to destroy Democrats. Rather it means not being equally reluctant to report such things in some cases, but no more than that. With regard to Obama, I expect they were very afraid to really go after him the way the media has done with many other politicians, same as for example O'Reilly soft-pedalled it with Hillary.

For example take Major Garrett's interview with Obama when Obama was obviously thoroughly lying when saying he had no idea Reverend Wright preached such things. Garrett was hardly being an attack dog. If there had been no fear of making Obama look bad, or Obama feeling he was made to look bad, I can't imagine such soft interviewing from a serious journalist.

The idea that Fox News would truly work to crucify Obama the way major media has done with other politicians in some cases is I think refuted by history thus far. Additionally the "story" regarding whether Obama is a citizen or not is no "bigger" now than it ever was.

He sealed his records, got away with doing so with no effort by the media to paint that as sinister or hiding guilt, and I see no reason to assume they are going to start doing that.

He's scot-free on this one. Personal opinion. Your opinion can vary of course :slightly_smiling:

But really, do you think most people working in the media would really care if Obama were not born in the United States but arrived here at age 2 weeks or whatever? I highly doubt it, myself.

C'mon most in the media don't even care if an individual just arrived here, illegally, last week. As far as they are concerned such a person has as much rights to be in America and to be anything in America -- and to receive anything from the taxpayer, and to receive breaks from law enforcement -- as you or I. (And probably moreso on the last two. E.g., good luck on their thinking it unimportant if actual American citizens don't pay their taxes, don't have driver's licenses, use fake ID's, etc.)


I did not see any proof; all I see is another guy is trying to gain fame, by starting a law suit. Does no one know that no one will ever get that info? Probably because it is not true but even if it were true have you not learned the President has many more privileges and protections than you or I. All this thread is the Republicans continuing to flap their gums because the Negro got elected.


What about the other negro that has filed a suit against BO and California Secretary of State Debra Bowen?

And nobody has seen proof either way. That is the whole point.


Don't forget any and all records of his family in Kenya. They are also sealed by the Kenyan government, interestingly enough.

Rhetorical question, I know, but it is a big story! This is why so many are up in arms about it, not only because BO is incredibly deceitful, but because the MSM refuses to dig into this.

Are you sure about that?
This was the most commented story for a good chunk of last week on foxnation.

I'm not going to argue that BO's brief history with the media clearly points in favor of your argument, but I do still have enough faith in the American people that as big as this story is we will not let Obama off the hook, or at least not let him remain in office should the allegations prove true.


Post a link about the story if you would


I meant the basic facts and issues are no bigger. It's also true that the major media still doesn't really care about Obama sealing his records. While ordinarily I think it would be a major story in and of itself that a candidate did that, regardless of whether anything was suspected or not, in Obama's case that still isn't a story to the media as a whole.

Well, time will tell whether you or I are right that he will be let off the hook on this -- whether the "this" is actually not being born in the US or whether it is the highly unusual and if-it-were-anyone-else-guaranteed-to-get-the-media-going matter of his having all these records sealed.


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