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Obama 14th-Best President of All Time


ahead of Reagan...



Obama should proudly frame this right next to his well earned Nobel.



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I'd put William Henry Harrison above Reagan.


I like to think Bush's lack of ability to compromise was actually a strength.


"This tells you more about the â??scholarsâ?? who did the voting than about Presidents. Obamaâ??s most impressive achievement so far: spending borrowed money faster than any man in history."

"Iâ??m surprised they didnâ??t rank him higher. Historians today are for the most part ideological hacks. No historian who wasnâ??t would even attempt something as silly as a ranking at this point in Obamaâ??s presidency."

"Time for Barry to be on Mt. Rushmore . Blast one of those old crackers off and put him up there."

Last one made me chuckle.


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I think hell may have seen some ice today... I agree with Push.


Alright, I'll bite...why? Care to expound on that thought?


He did less damage.


LOL, whatever...

And you probably think that FDR was a great president too, right?


LOL, I love PWI.


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I know alot of people hold FDR dear, but personally I'm just not a fan of fascism. FDR was a fascist and his economic policies lengthened and worsened the depression.


Did Irish say that he thought FDR was a great president?


Nope, I'm pretty much assuming that. I could be wrong but I'm betting that I'm not.


At less than two years in, it's too soon to tell. As more time goes by, and Bush's impact on courts and foreign relations have more impact, his rank will slide even further. I believe to at least second worst in history. And why is Obama even being ranked after less than 24 months? Pretty ridiculous.


I put Reagan Dead last I know he was a champion to the free market , he cost America it's steel industry


Please tell us how Reagan cost America it's steel industry. Also, is that the only reason you'd place him as last? Or is that the issue that cut's closest to home for you. I'd like to hear more as to why you'd place him dead last.