I just discovered oats as an interesting diet “supplement”. 366 cals/100g, 12,5g protein (I know, I know, it’s vegetal) 63,3g carbs, 7g fats (2,7 polyunsaturated) /100g, 4mg of Zinc, 139 of Magnesium 391 of phosporus… Does it seem to me or oats are REALLY good? (I know this might be a stupid question… but please answer). Oh, and in Romania they cost 1.3$/kg. So? I try to eat around 500g/day, in addition to about three meals (at worst two) containing animal protein, fat, and some carbs.
Many thanks, Vlad

Forgot: I simlply eat the flakes or whatevas they are raw.

Eat more meals a day, if possible.

And don’t forget it has about 7g of fibre per 100g.

I’m a big fibre fan; it keeps things moving, if you see what I mean :slight_smile: