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Oats & Whey for PWO Dinner


Hi all. I work out in the evening and have some oatmeal with two scoops of whey protein (amounting to a total of 48gm protein) and some milk mixed in as the occasional dinner. I religiously avoid simple carbs and eat clean as a rule, having rarely overstepped for the last six months,since i am trying to cut down on my body fat (currently 15%). What i mean to understand is exactly how bad is such a dinner.

My workouts are not the stuff of lore, (six days a week; mostly pull-ups and barbell rows for back, inclines for chest and arm and shoulder training comprising mostly one-arm presses)pretty average and cardio comprises the brisk walks to the gyma nd the station from office. I have a desk job, am 5 ft 7 inches tall, average build with a lot of vascularity (which i used to think implies low body fat but have now understood is just genetics), weight 62.1 kg.

Typical meal plan:

Breakfast (8:00 am) Plain Quaker Oats, 6 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, green peas, diluted natural orange and lemon juice

Midmorning snack(11:00 am): Five/Six handful Roasted chickpeas

Lunch (1 am): Lentil soup, peanuts.24 gms protein (whey)

Evening snack (4/5:30 pm): 50 gm cashews.

Post workout shake (9:00 pm): 2 scoops whey.

Dinner (10:00 pm): on my usual days vegetables and egg whites/pulses.


its not a bad dinner?


Not bad at all, you just might want to add some honey or berries in with your oatmeal to give your body some faster forms of energy. Oatmeal is a very slow digesting carb, and your body is usually very depleted at the end of workouts from a glucose and carb stand point. In order to process protein and utilize it for muscle repair, your body needs fast carbs, and honey or berries are a healthy way to supply your body with those needs.


if thats you in your avatar then you don't really need to be cutting. add more muscle now cut later :slight_smile:


Thanks Kerley. Thank you WC7. I will go right ahead with my oatmeal(and berries probably. don't have access to natural honey and read in one article that the refined variety is no good) with a clear conscience.


Definately need some fast acting carbs in there...I suggest blueberries if you're avoiding processed foods.


don't believe everything you read. and yes, oatmeal is a fine dinner.


As mentioned, the prototypical PWO shake would include some simpler carbs (hell, even table sugar).

But it's the sort of thing where even even suboptimal results are still going to be good.


Should you have fast acting carbs like white rice instead of brown for your meal after your workout, despite having a post workout shake consisting of whey protein and fast digesting carbs?