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Oats: Quick vs Old Fashion

Do quick oats spike insulin levels?

I usually prefer the quick oats just add water and go, should i instead be eating the ones you cook on the stove for several minutes?

This is a boring ass question but confusing primarily because the ingredients/composition appears to be the same, so were is the variance in health benefits?

And by quick i’m not referring to the sugar loaded individual packets of oatmeal.

Quick oats are normal oats chopped up finer. The rough cut oats have a longer energy release than quick but only marginal. As you said the composition is much the same so in essence they are just more convenient

Old fashioned oats full cook in less than 2 minutes in the microwave. Why an even quicker version exists truly shows how lazy we are :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Arnold_Fan mentioned, there is a MARGINAL difference in time needed for the body to break these two substances down. However, our bodies rely on chemical means of digestion once food reaches the stomach.

Being that both quick oats and old fashioned oats have the same molecular composition, the deviation in digestion time is very small indeed. My advice would be to go ahead and stick with the quick oats if that is what works best for you and your schedule

Eat steel cut oats, they have more protein, more fiber, and are more nutrient dense than either rolled oats, old fashoined oats, or quick oats.

They take 25 minutes to cook, but if you have no time in the morning, put a few servings in the slow cooker, and cook on low overnight.

Once you eat steel cut oats, you will never go back to eating that Quaker “dust” oatmeal again.

Whatever you do, never eat the packaged instant oatmeal, it’s processed with sugar, and is a nutritional waste of energy.

I wonder how small the difference is for trad vs quick. I know there is a pretty big difference for how fine the flour is processed, it’s always possible it’s similar for oats.

Steel-cut oats are the whole raw oat kernels cut into small chunks. Old fashioned oats are steamed to remove the outer groat, then rolled flat. The difference in cooking time for the rolled oats (old fashioned vs.quick)depends on how thick or thin they are rolled after steaming.

That’s why steel cut oats take so long to cook. But they are better for you, and since they contain the groat of the whole grain, they are higher in protein, lower in total carbs, because of the high fiber from the groat, and won’t cause an insulin spike like rolled oats, which are really processed grains, not whole grain.

This is the best product:

They made oats that are kind of like steel cut, but I make them with boiling hot water in a tupperware that I close and it kind of cooks in the tupperware in 2 minutes. I get mine at Costco and I’m in Taiwan. Check your local Costco or whatever place. Best oats I’ve ever had.