Oats Absorption if They're Ground

While i like oats and the taste i can’t stand the texture of oatmeal so often i will take a cup of whole oats and grind them in a coffee grinder then blend them with some milk and drink them down.

My question is if grinding them up and ingesting them this way is effecting their generally slower rate of digestion?


apparently quick oats have a bit higher GI compared to slower cooked oats because they’ve been partially “predigested” (ground up further). Logically, the same would apply to what you’re doing. Of course, I’m not always logical :slight_smile:

probly not. What’s bad about the texture? If you cook them then cook them less or not at all (if not steel cut). If they are steel cut then cook them with less water. makes for a bit more teeth on the oat.


i don’t like how they are mushy and lack substance, i can’t stand things like that, for example i couldn’t eat applesauce as a kid either, and i can’t stand potato’s either.

So are you treating them like some sort of supplement? Grinding and mixing with milk? Why even bother eating them? Eat something else that you like. Oatmeal is not a magic food.

The physical size of the granules does in fact effect the glycemic index of the food, which is part of the reason why highly refined white flour has such a high GI.

Steal cut oats have a GI of around 52 while quick or minute oats (which are preboiled and physically broken down) have a GI of about 82.