Would oatmeal be more digestable if you were to blend it into a shake instead of cooking it. I would definently prefer to shake it up in a shake. Also it takes me 1/2 hour to eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal. The only reason it takes that little of time is because i get to have AP after the oatmeal.

I was wondering the same thing since I have been blending oatmeal into my protein shakes. It has a few advantages: one is that it motivates you to chew your shake which releases digestive enzymes, the other advantage is that my calorie needs are so high I couldnt dream of eating 4 servings (2 cups dry) of cooked oatmeal, but I sure can drink it with no problem. I seem also to be getting the benefits of the fiber in the uncooked oats.

Instead of cooking the oatmeal, try it “raw” with nonfat milk, splenda, and cinnamon. Compared to cooking it, this way will definitely allow you to increase your intake of oatmeal