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When you guys are talking about oatmeal recepie’s, do you meal cooked (warm oatmeal), or cold (dried oatmeal). Also, how do you mix in the protein powder. Is it blended or stirred in - before or after cooking (if it is cooked)?

I measure out 2 servings, cook it, let it cool a couple minutes and stir in 2 scoops of protein powder. When I was going to school I would actually mix dry oatmeal with my protein powder in a shaker bottle and drink it. Brutal texture but didn’t taste too bad. In my opinion NOBODY is too busy to get in their protein and calories.

How long can oatmeal be stored after being cooked? The reason is I like to cook oatmeal for the week then use it when i need it. So how long can oatmeal be left in the frige after being cooked? thanks guys

I tried this for the first time last night, agter reading about it here. I used quick oats with skim milk and sprinkled in Biotest vanilla Grow! and cinnamon while it was cooking. After it cooled, I added a bit of honey. Great stuff! It was a small serving. I used about 1/3 package of Grow! to 3/4 cup of quick oats. - Nylo

Most of the recipes that have been given were using cooked oatmeal, but usually the poster specifies. As far as mixing in protein powder, WAIT till AFTER the oats are cooked. If you mix it then cook it, you risk denaturing the protein powder.

Nylo, unless you’re trying to raise your insulin level, like post-workout, use the old fashioned rolled oats instead of the quick oats. The quick oats are cut much thinner and as a result have a GI of almost double the old fashioned rolled oats.

The Quaker Oats website says its the same nutritional value. I mix in 1/4 cup in my morning shake (chocolate) after cardio. If you add some frozen cherries, tastes like spumoni ice cream.