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Seeing most oatmeal is cooked before it is packaged, is it OK to eat oatmeal right out of the box or mixed in a shake?

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Why not?

Sure hope so because I do it all the time:)

Oatmeal and milk and a sliced banana, taste great or mix it with yoghurt.

I don’t like mixing it into my protein shakes because it sinks to the bottom and you have to eat the shake with a spoon!!

Or you can use the shake instead of milk as above.

Good, because it is much easier that way. When I can, I blend it in my shakes. It is pretty good that way.

Since when is most oatmeal pre-cooked? What about Old Fashioned Quaker Oats? (not quick-Oats, but old fashioned)

I like a little oatmeal in a protein shake for breakfast. I have found that putting some water in the blender or shaker then letting the oatmeal soak for a few minutes lets is mix much better. You won’t need the spoon for the bottom.

a real good recipe for oatmeal is to cook it as normal, then you lace it with some honey and crush some almonds and sprinkle them on the top.

Very tasty!!!

Damn you guys are making me hungry!


Try this (learned this from a fitness-nazi ex girlfriend):

Put your oatmeal in a bowl raw, pour milk over it, slice 1/2 a banana over it and eat it.

Yes, like normal cereal. Seems strange at first but its not bad! You can add a little molasses to it if you can’t stand the fact that there isn’t any real sweetness to it, but if you get a little banana in every bite its not too bad. Uber potassium too.

If you really want it to taste pretty good and also give you your serving of protein, throw some lo-carb chocolate protein powder in there and stir it up. Tastes like some kind of health Cocoa Puffs.

Its really hard for me to say if cooking oatmeal messes with its “GI” any. I would assume that like most other foods, cooking it would probably do that to some degree. In this case there aren’t any worries and you might actually be getting this awesome carb source a little closer to nature.

Party on!

Most oatmeal comes cooked. Raw oatmeal is rare and almost never sold in a grocery store. When we cook it, we are really just re-heating it.

cooked or not still a great source of carbs…

I get steel cut oats (I think…it looks like oatmeal at least) from my local Whole Foods or the neighborhood organic shop around the corner. I don’t believe that those oats come pre-cooked as they sit in a bin. But its not too difficult to get them ready. I just cover about a half cups worth of oatmeal/oats with water, nuke for 2-3 minutes, and eat with honey and a dash of cinnamon. I’m considering getting several small microwave proof dishes to bring to work for midday meals since we have a microwave here.

I don’t think it is a big deal, but the probably are cooked. Raw oats don’t last long. I buy organic oats too, but they are always cooked. The only reason why I knew this is because a know someone on the raw foods diet. They can only eat raw oats and they have to special order them.

Personally I’d avoid milk as it’ll increase the II.

What I do is soak the oatmeal overnight with raisins / berries and eat it straight in the morning. Lovely.

only problem with oatmeal is it fills me up, so if i’m bulking, i’m not hungry the rest of the morning.


I like to buy the multi-grain oatmeal from trader joes, cook it up, throw in a couple big dashes of cinnamon, big dash splenda, some apple-strawberry gronola, maybe a banana - hmmmmm!

I’m the opposite. I can eat 3 cups of oatmeal and feel like I have a completely empty stomach - which is why I like oatmeal so much.

When I’m really in a rush and want something I pour a bunch of oatmeal in a big bowl, spoon in about a cup of cottage cheese, and add a banana to it.

i dont know how you guys put oats in your shakes. i have tried it numerous times and the oats simply sit at the bottom of the shaker.

Try blending the oatmeal into a shake works good if the shake is thick enough.

Check this one out. After you heat 3/4 cup of oatmeal in water…mix in a big scoop of chocolate proteing powder, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.

DAMN it is so tasty!

Perfect balanced meal