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Does anybody know what is the difference between regular and quick oatmeal other than one cook faster than the other? The nutritional statement is identical on both, but some sort of processing must take place to make the quick oats cook faster.

Quick oats have a higher GI. They have been precooked (usually oven toasted or passed through hot rollers) to reduce cooking time.

In simple ways, the quick stuff is digested and metabolized faster causing a greater blood glucose level and the regular oatmeal is not refined and is or has a lower glycemic index therefore causing a lower blood glucose level.

How much higher? Not much I would guess.

Regular oats- 49

Quick oats-66

I would consider 17 points a considerable difference.

I’ve used the quick stuff that comes in a tube from quaker back when i lost a lot of BF. i only eat 27g of carbs of it at a time, didn’t affect me any.

I knew I came to the right place! Thanks!

I think there are two types… firstly, the individualised-packages of oats with little bits of fruit, added suger, flour, etc - avoid.

However, often oats which have just been rolled (and so are able to cook faster) are also called “quick cook” and I think these are ok.

…so rolled oats will have a GI of 49 right?