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Oatmeal:You're doing it wrong


And by you, I mean myself.

I like that eat every two hours if possible. I try to eat around the same time everyday.

Unfortunately like most people, I have to work. So I eat oatmeal on my breaks. Two packs of maple oatmeal at 9:35 and two more at 2:25.

I know that the flavored oatmeal isn't as good for you as better quality oatmeal.

"Flavored Oatmeal â?? Go to your pantry right now and get out your oatmeal. If you took out a colorful box full of little kiddy packets of peaches â??n cream oatmeal, do yourself a favor and kick that shit to the curb! As stated above, we think oatmeal is one the best carb sources for bodybuilders, but the flavored, prepackaged variety sucks.

Look at the ingredients, which are listed in order of quantity. Sugar is usually the second ingredient in these girly oatmeal packets. Then you have other crap like salt, hydrogenated vegetable oils, maltodextrin, and partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

To top it off, the oats used in flavored oatmeal are usually more finely ground than healthy, old fashioned oatmeal. This means the GI could be higher based on the extra processing. The list of ugly ingredients goes on and varies a little with flavoring, but the lesson is simple: donâ??t eat this stuff"

That's from a tnation article "Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid"

I love oatmeal and I am getting rid of the bad oatmeal.

You should do the same.

I guess the point of the thread is to inform and also, How big of a difference is packaged oatmeal from the "100% natural rolled oats" Has anyone seen any big differences from one from the other?


If oatmeal isn't the #1 most OVERRATED food out there, it's def in the top-3

I guess the point of this post is to inform the OP that this thread's title is right on the money.


I love rolled oats for the convenience. I'm a generally patient guy but I hate waiting for food. I get the regular flakes in half keys, no added shit in it.


Lol..and GI matters? no..actually it doesn't.


Eat 400g of carbs worth of gummy bears every day for a month and get back to us


I love my oats.

I use instant oats, although its pure oats with no added flavours/sugars. Most mornings I have a cup of oats, hot water, a splash of milk, topped with berries and a handful of berries. Yeah buddy!!!



lol if youre not on a contest diet, gi of a particular food is really really low on the list of things that matter.

Youre saying a lot of ridiculous stuff lately.


I tried some new instant Quaker with cream added and it was fantastic.

So yeah, I agree that unless you're some pro close to a contest, there's no need to be so serious that you think Quaker Instant Oats is holding you back.

Though I usually eat the regular one in the red and blue tin with Bea Arthur on the front. I put a spoon of PB and some protein powder in it too.


MacGyver!! I use instant quaker aswell!! Twins!!!

I actually make an annual trip to the local Quakker factory once a year and buy 2 big 20kg bags.



Thank you..and for the record..I consume ~485g of carbs on days I train..four days out of the week. A majority of this intake comes by way of potatoes, white rice, oats, I even count veg toward my totals now..but, a significant amount comes by way of poptarts, cookie crisps and fudge brownies. This has been going on for a while..I look better than before and feel great daily. I'll get bloodwork soon.


That's the best man..a scoop of PRO in oats..I'll eat proats till the day I die.


fudge yeah brocachos... oats, blueberries, vanilla protein, walnuts, cinnamon. every day.


ain't getting your PRO card without your PROmeal!!!


I posted about this experiment that Skip did with about 15 people iirc.

He had them eat ONLY simple carbs for their carb source. Aka gummies, soda, etc etc. The people that did this lost pretty much the same amount of fat that his other clients did/do on regular carbs.

Clients also reported less bloat

He ran this for 3months iirc, dont feel like searching for it


Every night for 2 months I have 9 oz dry measure oats. Cook that then mix in flax seed meal Chia seed and chocolate protein. Could be the most amazing thing in my life. Not really. Also PB can be added for even amazingness


If Facko thinks sugars aren't an issue it's a logical challenge. I'd be interested in someone taking it up.


The thing is..in the context of what WE are trying to accomplish (I'm assuming we are all trying to get bigger, stronger, and maintain leanness or get leaner) the GI is not really important. Overall macro/calorie breakdown is important.

But, why the fuck do you guys have to twist this and say "fine eat 400g of gummy bears everyday"...why the fuck would I eat all of my carbs in gummy bears. That's not really something people do for the most part. I eat a great deal of my carb allotment by way of potatoes, rice, oats..but, I don't stress the difference between white or brown rice. That might matter if the ONLY thing I ever ate was rice..then the difference between white and brown would matter, lol. I don't stress as to whether 75g of carbs from poptarts is going to kill me or give me beetus..it's not. If I want poptarts, I'll git them into my macros, but that doesn't mean my diet HAS to consist of ENTIRELY poptarts. Stop taking shit to extremes...


1 Cup oatmeal (100% rolled oats), 2 tbsp natty pb, 1 large scoop whey protein, 1 tbsp of cinnamon. Mix this with milk or water. No need to heat just give it 5 minutes to soak up the liquid. Great tasting and quick to make.


Lol...wait so..the only thing responsible for fat gain is insulin levels... ahhh!! Shit man, why didn't you come around sooner before I spent months, days, hours learning about how humans store adipose.

That isn't what I said at all..an apple is not the same as a fucking applejack in terms of micronutrient profile, carb profile..this is obvious. But, it doesn't matter..because you shouldn't be making a diet of purely apples and you shouldn't be making a diet of purely applejacks. It's fucking common sense.

The major point that you seem to be missing is that, eating too many fucking calories than you need leads to fat gain...Yet, you just want to throw insulin around..everyone on here seems to just want to throw the terms insulin, GI, insulin sensitivity, carb tolerance etc around.

And yes..in the overall big picture, assuming you aren't retarded and have a VARIED diet..choosing between an apple with peanut butter or a peanut butter sandwich on white bread will make no difference to your physique IF THE MACRO NUMBERS BREAK DOWN THE SAME. But, believe w.e. you want to believe and make your life more difficult...restrict foods for the sake of non matter issues like GI...keep deeming certain foods as inherently bad for you and others as inherently good for you. If that works for you..continue to do so. But, it's bullshit.

Again..I have to spell it out so the above comments don't give people the wrong idea, even though to me, it's very clear that I'm NOT advocating jamming cap'n crunch down your throat all day for all of your carbs. If it fits your macros is not about that..that's just as bad as being orthorexic and avoiding a shitload of said foods due to adding emotional attachment and deeming them inherently bad. What it is REALLY about..and what I'm REALLY advocating is, stop making shit more difficult and sweating the difference between an 80 on the GI scale and a 65. Make sure your protein intake is on point, your essential fatty acids are covered and then you can fill in the rest of the energy macros how you see fit WITHIN YOUR CALORIC BALANCE. Try to make the majority of your food intake whole food choices...but, if you have your bases covered as said above and want to eat a brownie because it fits your macros..fucking do it. It won't make a damn bit of difference.

This is my rationale..if this still doesn't make sense to you, than I fear nothing I say further on the subject will clear it up...


Why is an insulin spike bad for BBing purposes? Plz explain