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Oatmeal? what brand do people like

Hello- I am starting to eat oatmeal now versus my kellog corn flakes. I love kellogs corn flakes but I heard alot of negative things about the processed flakes so im going to try oatmeal. What are peoples favorite types of oatmeal brands? Also do you take it with water or milk? What else do you include with the oatmeal? One last questions is kellog corn flakes that bad???

I just use regular Quaker oats. I mix it with olive oil, h2o, and protein powder.

I don’t know what brand I use - but they are large flakes, not small. I mix the oatmeal with some raisins (for taste and anti-oxidants) and pour in a tiny amount of milk for taste. You don’t want brown sugar. And yes, I’d say that processed cereals are bad because they convert into simple sugars too easily (and probably have table-sugar added too).

I like quaker oatmeal, they have got a new mixed barries flavour thats really good. I also use the good old fashioned stuff with some low cal fruit jam it is also good. A little milk never hurts. Haven’t heard that many bad things about corn flakes, isn’t that what arnold use to eat after his workouts?

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Bulk, baby. Buy 'em in bulk! I do know it’s the “regular” kind…

I like oatmeal with soymilk and a scoop of protein powder. A little maple syrup and flaxeed oil is nice as well. I get mine at trader joes.

I like the thick Irish oatmeal. Can’t remember the brand name I use, but it comes in white canisters.

I cook my oatmeal up, then I mix it with eggs whites plus one egg, stir that all in a pan over medium-low heat until the mixture thickens, then I mix in Splenda, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts. Tasty.

KB, you probably use Old Wessex. Great stuff. That’s what I use when cutting. Since I’m eating less, I like quality stuff, though I prefer Scottish to Irish, myself.

When bulking, I like steel cut oats. Lower GI and more calorically dense. I also use plain ol' Quaker Oats, for the price and convenience.

As for what I add, generally just protein power and water. Sometimes a little cottage cheese, as well.

I buy the Mother’s brand at Henry’s Market. I mix it with water and add Dried Apple Rings, mmmm good.

Instead of Kellog's Corn Flakes, go to a Trader Joes/Henry's Market type place and find some high fiber cereal. To me they taste just as good as Kellog's Corn Flakes.

My favorite is Snoqualmie Falls Oatmeal. It’s available in the grocery store in the Pacific Northwest. If you ever get the chance to eat it at the lodge, you won’t regret it. Nothing like a bowl of SF Oatmeal on a cold winter morning. I usually put a scoop of protein powder (soy cooks better) in the mix. Add a couple packets of sugar substitute and a squirt of milk. The oatmeal has more texture (than say Quaker) and a nice nutty flavor to it.

Good idea on the raisins. I’ve also seen sunflower seeds, and other fruit type items added. Most of the time, I don’t care and just eat it and go.

Agreed with Patricia on buyin oats bulk. For about fifty cents you can feed yourself for a week! Oh yeah, I’m with Mike in that I like soy milk and protein powder in mine too. Usually if I eat oatmeal in the morning I’ll throw in two large eggs and throw it into the microwave.

Thanks for the great input guys. Tomorrow morning im heading to Costco to see if I can pick up some Oatmeal. One odd question! Doesn’t milk and water combined taste kind of funny?

i really love the raisn date and walnut kind, and the honey nut brand, in the little packets. those are the bomb !!.. but, since i know better now, just the large tube of oats with that old fucker’s picture on it… (hmmm… if a big cardboard container with a picture of an old dude on it, filled with oats is good for you, i wonder if a big cardboard container also with a pictue of an old dude on it, filled with fried chicken is also good for you…)

Steel cut oats are all I eat if I have the choice. After I cook them I add 1 tsp brown sugar then blend 2 scoops Grow Low Carb w/ water and Udo Choice Oil and pour some over the oats. I also like to add natural peanut butter to them once in a while.

A question about oats:
Rolled oats != Oatmeal?
I’m wondering because I bought a bag of rolled oats and it tastes like friggin’ flour.

Isn’t soy estrogenic?

Unless there’s something I’m missing, Quaker oats are a huge rip off at $3.50 when I can get even more Hospitality oats for $1.50. The ingredients of the Hospitality oats are: rolled oats. The ingredients of the Quaker oats are: “100% Quaker quality rolled oats.” Hmmmm…

Odd, I just did a search on the glycemic index of rolled oats. It seems to be between 80 and 100. That’s pretty damn high. Is there some mistake here?

Like my sensei once said, “Just trust me on this”

Oatmeal is loaded with complex carbs i.e. starch, and also has a decent amount of fiber, and barely any sugar.