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Oatmeal Troubles


This is not a I hate oatmeal thread, infact I can not get enough of oatmeal I eat it everyday. However I was wondering if it can cause constipation. Oats is the only grain I eat and I can not find what causes it. I figured that all the fiber should be helping but who knows.


How much water and fat are taking in?

Oatmeal should not constipate you.


Should do the opposite. Lot's of fiber in it.


He might have a wheat gluten allergy.


if you eat it every day you might have developed a food allergy. have you been eating it daily for years?


My water intake is pretty high. My fat intake not so much A few tbsp of olive oil a day maybe some almonds.

I eat oatmeal every day most of the time more than once a day and I have for many years. I also take metamucil.